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Target’s Wii U demo machine is ASS


We were at Target, it was an hour or so before closing and the place was deserted.  Low and behold, I spotted a Wii U demo unit and my eyes lit up.  Wii U, like Wii before it, was something I’d seen, but didn’t really understand.  Once I actually played with a Wii, I thought, “Oh, I get what they’re doing here.”  I’m assuming I’ll have a similar experience with the Wii U… but FUCKING TARGET WON’T LET ME!  As you can see in the above image (look where I”m pointing with my slightly disfigured finger tip, there is a ‘play demo’ and ‘video’ option – except the ‘play demo’ option is not available!  For any of the games!  It’s greyed out, making this thing a big giant hands on You Tube video, WHICH IS NOT WHAT I FUCKING NEED TO MAKE A DECISION ON BUYING A $350 GAME CONSOLE!!!


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