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The Book of Henry is an educational disaster for screenwriters


According to Liz Lemon, Tootsie (the movie where Dustin Hoffman dressed in drag to get a job) is the example they use in all the screenplay books on what to do when writing a movie. The Book of Henry is, by contrast,a clinic in what NOT to do.  It’s just- the thing is… I can’t even! Well, I’ll try to explain.

spoiler alert

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Rushmore quick movie review

If you’ve seen one Wes Anderson movie, you’ve seen ’em all… but that doesn’t mean they’re not all awesome. Life Aquatic is a bit outside the usual WA box and The Royal Tenanbaums is a bit darker than most of the other movies, but essentially, they all have similar themes, visual elements and at times, even story points, like writing plays, suicide, the slightly-exotic-unobtainable-girl, or running away. Rushmore might be typical Wes Anderson fodder… but it’s damn good fodder. If you want the cliff notes version of WA movies without anything too heavy happening, than Rushmore is the WA flick for you.

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Moonrise Kingdom movie review


My Score: 80%

I saw Moonrise Kingdom this past weekend, and I certainly had a good time, but I didn’t love it the way most critics did.  (It’s at 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.)  The flick checks off most of the usual Wes Anderson boxes, but ultimately, its peripheral characters feel underdeveloped and its main characters didn’t pull me in.

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