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Mission: Impossible 2 aka M:I-2 aka “Meh.” (a movie review)


This is what it sounds like when the doves cry… because John Woo threw them through FIRE!”

If you go into a store and ask for watermelon and they hand you a pound of coffee, that’s their fault.  If you by a ticket to go see a movie directed by John Woo and are disappointed its not like the first one (as helmed by Brian De Palma), that’s on you.  John Woo action movies are a genre unto themselves and while I tend to think this was a mistake for the franchise, they’ve clearly recovered from this installment and now, it’s simply an early twenty-first century oddity doused in Limp Bizkit’s… bisque.  Read the rest of this entry

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation movie review


I am by no means a James Bond aficionado, but if you’d of told kid-me that I’d like the Mission Impossible movie series more than 007’s alcohol infused, STD covered adventures, I’d of sad you were nuts, and I’d have been wrong.  Rogue Nation is, for me, the final iteration it takes for me to realize that Ethan Hunt is just as credible as any other legendary action character and, in a lot of ways, more so.

Oh, and I liked the movie, too.  Read the rest of this entry

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