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Pics: Dogs Mirroring, Cardinal, can’t fit in coach seat

Two of the dogs ALMOST lying in the same position.

There’s been Cardinals around recently and I was lucky to get a quick shot of one.

I’m under six feet tall, but when I fly coach with United, I just can’t fit in the seats. The leg room space is comical.

United Airlines class system


Since United Airlines and Continental Airlines merged, they really nickel and dime you about everything:  food, blankets, pillows, tv, seats and so on.  But they’re also very classist, too.
We’ve all heard of flying first class or coach, but United has so many levels of class that it will make your head spin.  This last time we flew, they called it Economy Plus, which just means they gave us a humane amount of leg room.  They’re even nuts about the way they board the plane!
Any time you fly United, they’ll find about five ways to separate you from your fellow travelers – and it’ll feel dirty.

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