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My 6 Favorite Over the Top Crazy Movie Villains


We love to hate the antagonist (bad guy) in movies and the crazier they are, the better the movie (Battlefield Earth aside).  Sometimes, a movie villain will makes the leap from “Give me all your money!” to “Give me all your intestines!” and this is when we get a bad guy that is truly out of their mind.  Here are six movie villains that fit the proverbial bill.

Coincidentally enough, the villains from Over the Top don’t quality…  Read the rest of this entry

Spam Email featuring Twilight is awesome!

I know that these spam email folks are serious about their work. They obviously put a lot of time and thought into these emails they compose so we’ll read and click them. If not, what’s the point? But this one… this one is genius. Bringing Twilight into the whole thing is not only a smart move, but it brings a certain amount of irony to the situation as Twilight itself is a bit of a manipulative scam unto itself.

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The Host (movie review)

After watching The Host on Netflix streaming, I can only give it the lowest compliment one has to offer a movie: it’s better than Twilight. Read the rest of this entry

Twilight Saga movie review (Mixers & Movie Reviews ep. 4)

Here it is – the long promised fourth episode of Mixers and Movie Reviews, covering all five movies from The Twilight Saga. Read the rest of this entry

FAKE EMAIL: Twilight

Our new feature explores emails that might have been sent by fictional characters or in fictional universes, etc.   You’ll get the idea…

FROM:  Edward

TO:  Bella

SUBJECT:  last night at my house – music!

Yo Bells,

What up?  Thanks for coming by the house last night and meeting the fam!  I know it’s all happening kinda fast, but that’s how one does things when one is immortal!  Glad nobody ate you!  =)

So we didn’t really get a chance to talk about music all that in-depth last night.  (Climbing trees is fun!)  What are your favorite bands?  Songs?  Do you like Gaga?  (I assume ‘yes’ because of your poker face!)


What instrument do you play?  I mean, I just assume you at least attempt to play an instrument because you love music so much…  As you know, I play the piano (I’ve had plenty of time to practice!), but I’d love to tickle your ivories!  (Get it?  Get it?  It’s a reference to your teeth because I’m a vampire and… I want to be erotic with your teeth?  OK, I’ve lost my train of thought… need more blood… must go hunt…)

Write back or hit me up on Twitter!  @edfastsucka

Twilight for Dummies [movie review]

twilight-movie-posterIf you’re like me (or rather like I was until just a few weeks ago), everything you know about Twilight you learned from commercials for the film.  Well, today I can bring you up to speed on that which has enthralled some segment of the world.

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A Garbage Can Too Far


So this is where we’re at, Human Race.  The few feet to the garbage can has become too far… Or maybe too inconvenient, because of how important we are, as anyone reading our various facebook statuses can see.  It’s a damn shame…  although not surprising in the least.

I blame Twilight.

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