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South Africa’s Tourism Campaign Needs Work


Hey, South Africa, uhm… let’s work on this.  Read the rest of this entry

Advertisements seen around town



If you can see things when your car is not moving, imagine what pops up when you actually drive around!   Read the rest of this entry

Skeletor will pimp your shiz

Skeletor has got to be the most unlikely of spokesmen, but there his is, shilling for Honda. If you needed any more proof that people my age have taken control of a large segment of society, I submit to you He-Man and Battlecat in the rear view cam screen. Read the rest of this entry

GAP’s new “Gauntlet” ad reminds us holidays are terrible because we have to spend them with our family

This new GAP ad entitled “Gauntlet” features a young lady making the introductory rounds at a family gathering.  Considering this ad just launched, it’s a safe bet that this is targeted to the 2014 holiday season… and it might sorta be the best ad ever. Read the rest of this entry

Oh Hai, Nissan! Why’s your ad crazy?

I know it’s October and Halloween is on everyone’s mind, but jeez, Nissan – pump the proverbial breaks, would ya?   Read the rest of this entry

Coca Cola is officially out of advertising ideas (truth in #advertising – #shareacoke)

Singing. Polar Bears. Celebrities. Coca Cola has literally tried it all when it comes to getting you to buy their products. Heck, they’ve even co opted Santa.

Now, they’ve co opted your name.

Yes, Coca Cola’s #shareacoke campaign is banking on the idea that you will buy a product simply because your name, or that of someone you know, is on a bottle of soda. But they’re hoping for more than that – by modifying their labels, they’re sacrificing their precious branding. They’re hoping that their current customers don’t walk past their soda on store shelves, mistaking it for a different brand. They’ve pinned the success of this campaign on the chance that we, the consumer, will recognize their color scheme and font choice. It’s as bold as it is absurd. (Oh, and I guess they’re hoping we go on social media and post things like "I #shareacoke with @creativejamieDC! Because GRAMMAR!"

On the other hand, the campaign got my attention, so maybe they’re doing something right… but of course, I didn’t buy a soda, so I guess the point is moot.

"Get out of my mouth!" (truth in #advertising)

Today exciting episode of truth in advertising:

The site’s ad vender is experimenting with these image ads that pop up on top of images. In this case, it’s put this blond woman’s head in my mouth. Worse things have happened to me in my life, but this situation is far from ideal. Still, it’s kinda funny looking, though.

Pulp Friction is the Best Cat Pun EVER

What can you say about a cat scratching post called Pulp Friction? It’s awesome, that’s what! We’ve bot something of a cat theme going this week… hm. It’s probably not going anywhere – unless I get an unbelievable burst of energy and actually edit that cat video I shot several months ago… Stranger things have happened. Anyway, good job, Marketing Team – Pulp Friction is the best name for a product ever. Samuel L. Jackson would be proud.

Rockin' Video Game Themes and Captain Crunch Interviews Chrissy Teigen (It Came From YouTube)

I like YouTube – sometimes it giveth, sometimes it taketh away. I’d say today’s entry of It Came From YouTube is a good example of both.

This is exactly the sort of stuff that makes YouTube great – well produced niche content that’s a ton of fun. YouTuber FamilyJules7X clearly has the skills, passion and chops to crank out metal inspired covers from such classic video games as Tetris, Zelda, Super Mario Brothers and several others. This is my jam jar.

And then there’s this.

Read the rest of this entry

Eyeglass frames model photoshopped? (truth in advertising)

Photoshopping models is nothing new, but it’s something that’s outside of my experience. I’ve heard about it in the news, but I kinda live in a model free world as I don’t read magazines or observe the sort of still images where the said photoshopped models images exist. That all changed after my How to Buy Eyeglasses post.
Read the rest of this entry

Mila Kunis is doing commercials for Jim Beam for some reason

So does Mila Kunis work at the Jim Bean plant now?

I presume the reason Mila Kunis is doing Jim Bean commercials is that they dumped a big pile of money on her front lawn, but maybe she likes the product, too… I dunno. There’s another spot where she’s walking around the bourbon barrel storage area and there’s all these sleeping bears, because bears like honey and now they’re putting honey in some of their bourbon, and bourbon needs to age before you drink it, and bears hibernate… synergy! Read the rest of this entry

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