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Man of Steel toy – Superman gun


So what the hell is this? Why would Superman need a gun? He’s Superman. And don’t try to tell me that it’s not supposed to be Superman’s gun – it has his “S” right on it!  And it’s clearly supposed to be from the film Man of Steel because it has the Henry Cavill’s likeness right on the box. I know that when you make a big movie like this you have to sell some toys too, but this baffles me.  Why a gun? Not only does Superman not need a gun, but even if he did, he would never use one. This is ass.

Marvel baby toys – is this ok?

I don’t have a baby of my own, but I have been around babies…  Nevertheless, I may not be the right person to weigh in on this.  I’ll put aside the debate concerning, “The baby wants my phone, so I got him a toy phone,” (ie, the baby should play with baby toys or we should fool the baby into thinking they are playing with my toy) and instead just concentrate on the idea that the baby is playing with an Iron Man phone.


This… This just doesn’t seem right to me for a reason I can’t put my finger on.  I am very curious about the phone as it appears to be one of those call the characters deals.   What do they say?

“This Hulk.   HULK SMASH!!!  …  Why baby cry?”

“I am Thor, God of Thunder!   My enemies and the enemies of earth shall feel mjolnir’s wrath!  I will smite all those that threaten peace, justice and afternoon nap time!”

“Hey, it’s Iron Tony!  I mean…  Sorry, I’m already drunk.”

You get the idea.

Dress Up for Boys is Kinda Extreme

Girls have had the market corned on dress up for a long time, but now boys can get into the act.  Except… they might be doing it wrong.  Check out these photos after the jump… Read the rest of this entry

Dark Knight Rises Batman figure includes more than one HEAD!

I think yesterday’s post made it clear that I don’t know jack about action figures or collectibles, but this is a whole new level of weird.
Read the rest of this entry

Amazing Spider-Man Toys look amazingly crappy

I’m no toy export, but these Amazing Spider-Man toys don’t look like much fun – or make any sense, for that matter. Read the rest of this entry

Mad Muttz – the toy that confirms I’m old

This holiday season, you might want to get the lil bastard in your life a Mad Muttz.  It’s a noise making dog toy kids can enjoy with their friends and you’ll despise for the rest of your life.


I walked passed a display of these assholes and this guy, this fucking guy right here cut one of the loudest farts I’ve ever heard in my life.  I stopped and looked at that poor man’s Spuds Mckenzie and thought about telling him to stick it up his water bowl, but I decided it wasn’t with it.

Anyway, my intolerance for a farting dog toy cleary shows my age… As does the Spuds Mckenzie reference.

Super Hero Balls


Like this morning’s post, this is probably not what you expected from this title.  Every time we go into CVS, we make a stop over here in the toy aisle, but never actually buy anything.

I like that Black Widow (right corner of Avengers ball) is doing a silly looking kick, but poor Batman – getting stuck with Plastic Man is a raw deal.  (FYI:  Plastic Man predates Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four.)  I wonder why no other members of the Justice League were available to appear on this ball.  Look, they didn’t even bother to put Plastic Man on the other side of the ball.


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