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Troop Beverly Hills movie review

troop-beverly-hillsI don’t think any movie was on TV in the early 90s more often than Troop Beverly Hills. Like Clue, the movie performed poorly at the box office and lost over $10 million, which made both flicks a cheap pickup for stations that were looking to fill time with affordable movies. This easy availability and constant exposure engrained Troop Beverly Hills onto my young mind in a way that makes it nearly impossible for me to look at this film objectively. Nearly. Read the rest of this entry

The Mistle-Tones (quick movie review)

Tia Mowry faces off against cardboard cutout villain Tori Spelling in The Mistle-Tones, a somewhat self-aware comedy that is billed as a musical but is completely and totally not a musical in any way. I know, the trailer says it’s a musical in the first five seconds, but it’s not a musical. They never sing as a means of communication or about the plot and never spontaneously break out into song – they’re always rehearsing for a singing showdown that will determine who will perform at a mall on Christmas Eve. Some of the arrangements of Christmas classics are impressive (particularly The Twelve Days of Christmas – this is one of the few renditions that didn’t make me want to stick a fork in my eyes), but at times, it’s just a bunch of people singing in unison, which was an odd choice. There are a few bits that don’t make much sense – like where the hell did that parade float come from? And I guess some of the other oddness is Christmas magic… Also, you can smell the Glee all over this flick, and not in a good way.

Anyway, settle down with a few spiked soy nogs and remember that Tia Mowry has a smile that can’t be matched and forget that her life goals are sorely misguided (now have another spiked soy nog) and check out The Mistle-Tones, which I’m sure ABC Family will be running into the ground today and tomorrow. I give it a 6 out of 10.

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