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The Nightmare Before Christmas movie review


As it’s available on Netflix, I finally got around to watching The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Not being a big Tim Burton fan, I dialed my expectations down… then just a tiny bit back up again when I realized he neither directed the movie nor wrote the screenplay.  Over 20 years after it was new, I watched the stop motion film with the 94% Rotten Tomatoes score with bated breath.   Read the rest of this entry

Batman (a 1989 movie review)

I know, the trailer is kinda stark, but Batman kinda changed everything. I hate to use a cliche, but it’s true. Before this flick, comic book movies rarely happened, and when they did, they were under budgeted punch lines. Now that we live in the golden age of comic book movies, I thought it’d be fun to take a look at the movie that helped make this era possible. Read the rest of this entry

Batman Returns movie review

Here’s where the wheels start to come off.

If you’ll check my Batman post, you’ll see that while I love the movie, I’m quick to admit that it’s not without fault and I’m not the world’s biggest Tim Burton fan.  Batman Returns is chock full of Burtony goodness, and it’s to the film’s detriment – but, if ever there was a movie that was saved by performances, it’s this one. Read the rest of this entry

Batman (1989) movie review

It might be a comic book movie classic now, but when this movie was on its way to theaters, nobody knew what to expect.  People complained that Mr. Mom wouldn’t make a good Batman, nobody knew who the hell Tim Burton was, and I still get confused every time I watch it when I see that Jack Nicholson has top billing in the flick.  Batman might be short of story, but it’s got great atmosphere, fantastic performances and is responsible for the flood of comic books movies we’ve had since, for better or worse.   Read the rest of this entry

FUCK. OR: Beetlejuice 2 – Seriously?

Just when I thought I was going to write about James Cameron‘s latest attempt at convincing me that he is the one true Devil, I’m back writing about Tim Burton.  Sort of. Read the rest of this entry

Tim Burton Movies Kinda Suck

Over the years, I feel that I’ve been fed this narrative concerning Tim Burton, and what an amazing director he is – he’s so creative, that sort of thing.  In my head, I call him “The Guy With The Stereotypical Goth Art Student Look Who Makes Almost Every Movie He Directs Look Like German Expressionism,” because that’s easier than remembering his name is ‘Tim Burton.’ Read the rest of this entry

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