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Cosmo gets you the ass you deserve, but not the ass you need right now (?)


Wow, Cosmo – your ability to keep raising your own bar is beyond impressive.  Keep on keepin’ on!

The Dark Knight (movie review)

The question isn’t really regarding the quality of The Dark Knight but instead, by examining its parts, deciding on its place in history. Is it the best action movie ever? Let’s dig in to the most bountiful Batman movie we’re ever likely to get. Read the rest of this entry

5 points on Batman Begins (movie review)

After the disaster that is known as Batman and Robin, it seemed like it was time to let the Batman movie franchise die… at least for a while. Then suddenly, Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan brought us Batman Begins, and nothing would ever be the same.
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ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m Married to Batman Two Part Christmas Special Coming Soon!


UPDATE:  part 1 is now available!

The I’m Married to Batman 2 Part Christmas Special is Coming Soon!  Yes, for the first time since August of 2012, is proud to announce two new episodes in the series that nobody watchesRead the rest of this entry

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – Part 2 quick movie review

Batman_The_Dark_Knight_Returns_Part_2_movie_posterGuess who’s back?  Back again?  It’s Batman in The Dark Knight Returns Part 2!  And this one…  whew, this one is crazy.

I think I liked Part 1 better than Part 2 – maybe because for what Part 2 lacks in story in comparison to Part 1, it it makes up for in sheer lunacy.  Seriously, this movie is nuts.  It features:  Superman fighting the USSR’s military and just… killing people, the joker on an insane murderous rampage, nuclear explosions and Batman fighting the cops – and that’s none of that is even in the climax of the movie.  It’s nuts.

Like I mentioned yesterday, Peter Weller is the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman in these flicks rather than Kevin Conroy, and I know I already mentioned the speech he makes near the end of this flick, but wow, is it awful – it bares repeating.  Kevin Conroy is great as the voice of Batman, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  (Check out the trailer below:  “Tonight, we are the law.  I am the law!”  Yuck.)  Oh, and while I’m’ taking shots at people, Michael Emerson as The Joker just wasn’t working.  Again, just call Mark Hamill – and again, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

This movie is nuts, but if you watched Part 1, you’ll need to watch Part 2 to see how the story ends…  and it’s not the most satisfying of endings, but it’s worth checking out for any Batman fan.  I give Batman:  The Dark Knight ReturnsPart 1 a 7 out of 8.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – Part 1 quick movie review

Batman_The_Dark_Knight_Returns_Part_1_movie_posterWhew, that’s a mouthful of a title, huh?  But there’s plenty of Batman in The Dark Knight Returns to justify the two movie story – and it’s existence – but not much more than that.

Of the two parts, I’d say that part 1 of The Dark Knight Returns is the better, more entertaining half of the story.  It’s fun to get acquainted with this new Gotham City and a new Bruce Wayne – they’re both older and they’ve both changed.  I’d of never thought I’d see Bruce Wayne driving a race care and thinking something tot he tune of, “This would be a good death…  [to die in a race car accident]  But not good enough.”  It calls into question whether or not being Batman was about thrill seeking, revenge, or justice, or if somewhere along the road, the line got blurred, but it doesn’t matter anymore, because Bruce hasn’t been Batman for 10 years, and he’s kinda old.

This movie features Peter Weller as the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman rather than Kevin Conroy, who is almost always the voice of Batman in any animated presentation since the late 80s, and Weller is OK, but he just doesn’t hit the mark – it’s not so noticeable in Part 1, but he makes a speech in Part 2 that I didn’t believe for a second.

It’s an interesting story with interesting characters, but unless you’re really into Batman, you might want to skip this one – especially if you saw The Dark Knight Rises and you didn’t think it was anything great.  On the other hand, if you couldn’t get enough of DKR, then this is the movie series for you.  I give Batman:  The Dark Knight ReturnsPart 1 a 7.5 out of 8.

13 Movies from 2000 to 2009 that I Loved


Ah, movies – few things bring me as much joy.  In celebration of this fact, I thought I’d share a list of my favorites… let’s say 13 movies I continue to enjoy that are from the ‘aughts,’ if you will – that is, movies that came during the period of 2000 to 2009 – which means this list will be dripping with Christopher Nolan flicks.  Here we go, in no particular order:

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“I’m Married to Batman!” Ep. 5 [Video]

Click here to see the “I’m Married to Batman!” episode list.

Here’s the fifth and final episode of “I’m Married to Batman!”  Here, we’re ribbing on what I assume will be an iconic line from The Dark Knight Rises.  It’s worth mentioning that while that is a Bumble Bee toy from the Transformers line and is, in fact, a design based on the movie, I in no way endorse the Michael Bay Transformers movies. Read the rest of this entry

The Dark Knight Rises movie review


My Score: 90%

The Christopher Nolan & Christian Bale Batman movie series comes to an end with The Dark Knight Rises, and they decided to go out with a bang.  Literally.  Stuff blows up in this movie.  A lot.  At some point, I half expected the stuff that Batman punches to explode.  Still, this movie isn’t just an action flick: it’s an adventure, a mystery, a drama and an inspirational sports movie all rolled up into one, and none of it disappoints as everything from the first two movies ties together nicely and the end satisfies the audience in an anti Inception way.

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“I’m Married to Batman!” Ep. 3 [Video]

Click here to see the “I’m Married to Batman!” episode list.

Here’s the third episode of “I’m Married to Batman!” and in my opinion, this is the best of the series.  There are two more after this, but it’s all down hill from here.  This episode is a hodgepodge of iconic lines from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Read the rest of this entry

“I’m Married to Batman!” Ep. 2 [Video]

Click here to see the first episode of “I’m Married to Batman!”

If you ever wondered what it’d be like to be married to Batman after he retired but refused to stop wearing his costume, this is how it might go.  The second episode, “Where is he?!?” is based on the scene from The Dark Knight where Batman interrogates Maroni.
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The 10 Best Superhero Movies Of All Time

Superhero movies are sprouting up faster than I can keep track of, and by the end of this summer, who knows how applicable this list will be, but I just can’t wait that long.   So, in no particular order, I most humbly present to you my incomplete list of The 10 Best Superhero Movies of All Time.


“Jonathan! There’s a naked kid in this hole! Can we keep him?”

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