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5 points on Batman Begins (movie review)

After the disaster that is known as Batman and Robin, it seemed like it was time to let the Batman movie franchise die… at least for a while. Then suddenly, Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan brought us Batman Begins, and nothing would ever be the same.
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I’m Married to Batman Christmas Special Pt 2 – So that’s what that feels like

As promised, here’s the second part of the I’m Married to Batman Christmas Special!  You don’t need to watch them in order, but you can check out part one here.

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I’m Married to Batman Christmas Special Pt 1 – Do They Know It’s Christmas?

As promised, here’s the first new I’m Married to Batman episode in over a year!  See Batman DANCE!  And, as an added bonus, part 2 of our Christmas Special is coming up in December.


ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m Married to Batman Two Part Christmas Special Coming Soon!


UPDATE:  part 1 is now available!

The I’m Married to Batman 2 Part Christmas Special is Coming Soon!  Yes, for the first time since August of 2012, is proud to announce two new episodes in the series that nobody watchesRead the rest of this entry

The Bane Action Figure is doing what now?

Think about what Dark Knight Rises action figures might look like.  Picture them in your mind.  What would Batman look like?  What would Bane look like.  Then imagine they sold them both together in a set.  And they look like this:


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Buying a Batman shirt at Hot Topic

batman-hot-topicDr. Girlfriend wanted a Batman shirt to wear to The Dark Knight Rises premier, and as I’m in charge of all things comic book related in the relationship, I took charge of the situation.  I consulted the kids at my office concerning where I could accomplish such a feat in a jiffy, and they directed me to Hot Topic.  This worked out well for me as I’d be able to pick up our advanced purchased tickets and get the shirt in one fell swoop.  Off to the mall…

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The Dark Knight Rises movie review


My Score: 90%

The Christopher Nolan & Christian Bale Batman movie series comes to an end with The Dark Knight Rises, and they decided to go out with a bang.  Literally.  Stuff blows up in this movie.  A lot.  At some point, I half expected the stuff that Batman punches to explode.  Still, this movie isn’t just an action flick: it’s an adventure, a mystery, a drama and an inspirational sports movie all rolled up into one, and none of it disappoints as everything from the first two movies ties together nicely and the end satisfies the audience in an anti Inception way.

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