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Short Circuit movie review

In the 1980s, it wasn’t enough that your movie was an adventure.  You had to give the audience more than that; you had to have a fresh take, even if you reused old ideas.  So, your Frankenstein/sci-fi story also had to be a comedy… and a road movie… and have a romantic subplot… and challenge the very notion of what it means to be alive.  You get all this and more in a movie that includes a scene where a robot and Ally Sheedy have weird sexual chemistry while dancing to a scene from Saturday Night Fever playing on a television.  I give you Short Circuit!  Read the rest of this entry

Meet the Santas (movie review)

The universe is an amazing place. Stars, orbiting moons, planets of extreme heat, intense cold and a little blue ball called earth where we’re all along for the ride. Star Trek calls our home sector 001 and it’s a fantastic place to hang out, full of wonders, imagination and miracles. Only in such an environment could Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus net a sequel, Meet the Santas. Join me as we explore a movie of infinite possibilities… where they essentially never leave the house. Read the rest of this entry

Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus (movie review)

When it comes to made for tv movies, you’ve got your Lifetime, your ABC Family, and then, waaaaaaaaaaaaay down at the bottom of the barrel, your Hallmark flicks. Such is Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus, featuring the star power of Steve Guttenberg and Crystal Bernard.
That’s not a joke. Read the rest of this entry

Disney’s Tower of Terror (movie review)

Disneys-Tower-of-Terror-movie-reviewI betcha didn’t know there was a Tower of Terror movie based off the Disney’s Hollywood Studios/California Adventure attraction of nearly the same name.  (That’s The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror for the uninitiated.)  The attraction itself takes a simple idea and makes it great, but basing a movie off a Disney Attraction has never worked out as far as I can recall.  (I mean artistically, not financially!)    The only thing more shocking than the fact that this movie stars Steve Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst (other than it exists, I guess) is my overall impression of the movie.   Read the rest of this entry

Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus (quick movie review)

Like Arthur Christmas, Steve Guttenberg is about to become Santa Claus because his Dad is retiring – and, like The Santa Claus 2, he has to get married. And, like the lesser known Finding Mrs. Claus (oh, I’ll get to that one!), he has to go out to the real world to meet a bride because… humans and elfs don’t breed? I guess. It’s fair to say that Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus isn’t the most original movie Read the rest of this entry

Attention Must Be Paid: Party Down

If you’re new to the Attention Must Be Paid (AMBP) feature, here’s the deal:  when I run across something that I think is great and isn’t getting the props it deserves, I write it up in this space.

For two glorious seasons and 20 hilarious episodes, Party Down brought a jaded bit of humanity to the service industry.  OK, I’m fawning – but the show is awesome!  Read the rest of this entry

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