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Tips for Men on Relationships and Christmas Gifts

Hi Guys,

I know, this Paco Rabanne commercial is confusing, but don’t worry – I’m gonna break this shiz down for you.

1. Don’t keep your woman locked in a vault. Besides all of the obvious moral objections, you’ll literally go to jail for a thousand years. (Anytime anyone says anything about “a thousand years,” I think of that song from Twilight .)

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Disney World Vacation Photos Part 2: The Main Street Electrical Parade

The Main Street Electrical Parade

(If you missed part 1, click here.)

Although I have been known to throw the “lousy traumatic childhood!” card around, I have to admit that there were many ways in which I was blessed.  One of these ways was when my grandparents would come down from Jersey to my then Orlando area home, we would get to go to Disney World, and a day at Disney World in the 80s always ended (to my recollection) with the The Main Street Electrical Parade, the most gangsta of all parades.   As a child living in greater Orlando, where I don’t recall going to a parade ever, this became my standard for parades. Read the rest of this entry

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