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Holiday Engagement (movie review)

The Hallmark Channel is back at it again with Holiday Engagement. This movie has a plot that’s been recycled through the rom com genre a million times and isn’t even unique to the Christmas rom com sub genre. (Holiday in Handcuffs, anyone? The title’s even similar – and this movie isn’t nearly as insane as it’s predecessor.) Read the rest of this entry

Merry In-Laws movie review

I’d swear I’ve seen a “my parents are magic” movie before, but I can’t seem to remember when.  However, Merry In-Laws has Cheers alumni George Wendt and Shelly Long, so I thought this  could have potential.

Read the rest of this entry

Troop Beverly Hills movie review

troop-beverly-hillsI don’t think any movie was on TV in the early 90s more often than Troop Beverly Hills. Like Clue, the movie performed poorly at the box office and lost over $10 million, which made both flicks a cheap pickup for stations that were looking to fill time with affordable movies. This easy availability and constant exposure engrained Troop Beverly Hills onto my young mind in a way that makes it nearly impossible for me to look at this film objectively. Nearly. Read the rest of this entry

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