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Words with Friends proves resistance is NOT futile


As you can see in the above image, Words with Friends denies the very existence of the Borg, proving once and for all that resistance is NOT, in fact, futile.

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YouTube emails me about Rebecca Black/Street Fighter 2 Guile stage music a capella… for some reason

I have a YouTube channel, so I guess this means that YouTube is going to send me emails from time to time. That’s fine (I guess). I also subscribe to a few people’s YouTube channels and sometimes, YouTube sends me a compilation mail of things people I subscribe to have uploaded most recently. Also fine (I guess). But just the other day, I received a mail I still can’t make heads or tails out of A.) it’s content and B.) why they sent it to me in the first place.
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Google Doodle: Roswell UFO Sighting

google-doodle-66th-anniversary-of-the-roswell-ufo-incidents-reportingIf you’re not familiar with the term ‘Google Doodle,’ it’s the name that they give those commemorative drawings as seen above.  But sometimes, they’re more than just a pretty picture, and the Doodle of the Roswell UFO sighting is one of those times.
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Google invites you to taste the rainbow, Gay Marriage style

If you didn’t already notice, when you search ‘gay marriage‘ at Google, the site whips out a rainbow boarder. It’s the best thing since searching "Do a barrel roll"

Everything on Frightens Me

I’m only giving you the small version (below) of yesterday’s news feed because the large version is too scary! I’ve forgotten what it was, but story number 2 was so scary that they had to replace it with a different story so their top four stories weren’t scaring their users so badly that they turned off their computers and ran out of the room screaming. Look at this: scary sea monsters, negligent humans, damaging storms… it’s all gloom and doom! All I wanted to know was if it was going to rain in the afternoon or not – instead, scared a year off my life!

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