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Singing Santa returns, brings Crazy Christmas Hats

As promised, here is some video of the Santa toy that wears fatigues and sings “God Bless the USA” along with some singing Christmas hats.  These aren’t the sort of Christmas products I would buy for myself or anyone in my family (including our roster of veterans), but that’s just me.

Let’s talk about the hats for a sec.  What the hell is the Christmas tree doing?  Is it drunk on Christmas cheer?  Is it doing its impression of a drunken hula dancer?  I don’t know.  And the Santa hat moves at speeds that puts my windshield wipers to shame.  So… Merry Christmas, I guess.

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“Merry Christmas, I have no LEGS!”


Yep, thats what’s going on here -.Santa has no legs and this Christmas decoration officially freaks me out.  There are only two applications for this Christmas decoration:  on a table or perched in an awkward indoor sled scene.  Either way, olde timey Santa gives me the willies.

Santa toy wears fatigues, sings “God Bless the USA” for some reason


I’m not even sure why someone would manufacture this thing, never mind who would buy it.  I’ll try to go back to the store and get video of this thing performing – it’s that weird.

Santa Claus on the fire engine

I don’ t know if everyone does this in every region of the country, but in my neck of the woods, they bring Santa to your door twice during the Christmas season.  Via fire engine.

That’s what I call bad ass.

Santa always cruises by, sirens blazing (much to the chagrin of local dogs and sleeping babies), on the Sunday before Christmas and then again on Christmas Eve.  True, I have witnessed a Santa who is in a post libation state, but hey – it’s cold outside; a man’s got to do something to keep warm.  They usually hand out candy of some kind, which is a nice treat for the kids – Santa basically knocks on your door and hands you a lollipop.

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Black Friday: Somebody’s Coming


My local mall delivered Santa Claus’ chair a little early – this pic is from over a week ago.  Well, be good for goodness sake, I guess!

Anyway,  shop civilly and safely!

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