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A Christmas Carol (1999) movie review


Admittedly, the design of the Spirit of Christmas Past is as weird as the Spirit of Christmas Future is cheap.

I’m sure you’ve seen A Christmas Carol before, but Patrick Stewart as Scrooge is not to be missed.  Read the rest of this entry

The Patrick Stewart YouTube Christmas Odyssey Continues

I thought I’d seen it all last year when ‘Captain Picard sings, “Let it Snow”‘ hit this thing called YouTube, but this – this is something else entirely. It’s so tragically beautiful! I don’t know what Patrick Stewart did to deserve this, but he’s a bigger man than I. Well done, Captain. Well done.   Read the rest of this entry

TMNT (2007 – movie review)

I should preface this review by saying I did not watch the 2000s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series – I presume this movie stems out of that series, but I don’t actually know this for a fact, and, in 2014, obviously, there is no way to check… Anyway, let’s dive in to 2007’s TMNT! Read the rest of this entry

All the X-Men movies reviewed!

I gotta say, X-Men: Days of Future Past looks like fun! Lots of good actors (Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart just to name a few), superpowers, time travel… What else could you ask for in an action movie? Well, it has giant robots, too, so we should be well covered. But probably more so than any other comic book movie sequel, here’s one you need to do your homework for. In effort to get you prepared, here are my reviews and scores for all of the X-Men movies! Read the rest of this entry

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (movie review)

Today, I’m going to try and figure out why everyone hates X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Join me! It’ll be fun! I promise!* Read the rest of this entry

X-Men (movie review)

When it comes to the comic book movie that changed everything, most people are quick to point to Superman: The Movie as the first of it’s kind or 1989’s Batman, the movie that showed there’s more than one way to make a comic book movie. But when it comes to pinpointing the flick that brought us the comic book movie environment we live with today, it’s got to be 2000’s X-Men. Read the rest of this entry

X-Men 2: X-men United (movie review)

Before X-Men: The Last Stand ruined everyone’s life, there was X2, or X-Men United, or whatever you want to call it – simply call it a good movie. It’s easily the best X-Men movie to date, and it may be the best X-Men movie there ever will be. Read the rest of this entry

Fun with Google Autocomplete

Google autocomplete can get you some really fun results. Google describes their autocomplete system results as follows:

The search queries that you see as part of Autocomplete are a reflection of the search activity of users and the content of web pages indexed by Google.

That one bit: “reflection of the search activity of users” means there is a little bit of us in those auto complete results. Unfortunately, we’re not so smart.  For example, here’s what you get when you type “when did:”


Okay America; we need to study our history a bit better. But it gets worse:


Only one of those things about Patrick Stewart are true. Why are we searching for things that have not happened? Let’s all buckle down and do better, America!

No Man’s Land starring Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Billy Crudup and Shuler Hensley (Broadway Review)


Rather than a proper review of Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land (starring Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Billy Crudup and Shuler Hensley), I will present you with a gushing about the show and the lavish ambiance that is the Cort Theatre – including video of the post-show Talk Back Q&A session with the cast!
Read the rest of this entry

X-Men: The Last Stand aka X-men 3 (movie review)

I guess you could say that X-Men: The Last Stand is a case of “More X-Men, more problems.” Or, in some cases, less X-Men, more problems…

This is a pure spoiler discussion here – the movie is seven years old, after all. Read the rest of this entry

Ted (movie review)

ted-movie-posterI remember when I used to like Family Guy… way back when it was staffed with writers trying to produce quality jokes rather than just trying to shock me. But, it’s impossible to talk about Ted without talking about Family Guy – particularly since they both have similar problems.

Seth Macfarlane is the voice of Ted, a teddy bear that comes to life after a friendless boy (Mark Wahlberg) makes a wish. Book-ended with narration by Patrick Stewart (which is funny, but kinda useless), we catch up with the pair of best friends all grown up – at least they’re over 30 now. Wahlberg’s girlfriend (Mila Kunis) is desperate for Wahlberg to move on with his life, get the promotion at work that’s his for the taking and move in with her and not waste hours upon hours smoking weed and getting into trouble with Ted. Hilarity and conflict ensues… sorta. Read the rest of this entry

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