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Catalogs are awesome at casual racism and other things that are bad


There’s nothing worse than politically leaning products, but if you really want to make it clear that your catalog caters to one specific market, put your “countdown to Obama’s last day” clock near the “Ho Lee Chit” t-shirts.  This way, it’s not only clear that you lean right, but we can take an accurate guess at what year you were born in based on the idea that you think “Ho Lee Chit” is funny and OK to wear on a t-shirt.


In an effort to make sure they offend as many groups as possible, here we have the “Lead me not into temptation… Oh hell just follow me I know a shortcut” t-shirt just a few inches away from the “Like a good neighbor Jesus is there.”  I never took any marketing classes in college, but I’d venture a guess and just say that people who would wear the former t-shirt wouldn’t wear the latter.

It’s incredible how poor the taste can be in one catalog, but they did an amazing job of making me shake my head, laugh and point my finger at their general ignorance.  Well done, catalog!

Gov Christie Didn’t like Pres Obama’s Inauguration Speech

chris-christie-2016As you know, President Obama has been sworn in for his second term as President of the United States.  Despite the Inauguration occurring on Martin Luther King Jr Day, most of us had to work and missed the festivities.  And it’s a good thing, too – Governor Christie didn’t enjoy the speech, so I’m sure that means it was a pinko commie manifesto that tarnishes this great country.  Let’s take a look. Read the rest of this entry

What am I looking at?

Welcome to’s 639th post – and I have absolutely no idea what it is.

Watch it in it's entirety...

Watch it in its entirety…

I saw this just as you are seeing it – completely out of context.  And I have no idea what I’m looking at.  I see what is happening, but what in the hell does this have to do with Obama?  I don’t get it.  If anybody knows, I’d love to hear why this makes sense.

I’m voting for Obama: Part 2

Barack Obama 2008I had planned an entire series of “I’m voting for Obama” posts, but Hurricane Sandy screwed that up. Anyway, here is the penultimate post on why I’m voting for Obama.

(Unfortunately, I don’t have time to unleash the humongous essays on various issues I had planned, so I’m only providing the Cliff Notes version on limited topics.) Read the rest of this entry

I’m voting for Obama: Part 1


I’ve decided that for part 1 of my “I’m voting for Obama” series, I’d point you in the direction of an infinitely superior writer in the personage of Mr. Peter David:

Read the rest of this entry

Mitt Romney, budding standup comedian

mitt-romney-laughingWho would have guessed that Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney would be so hilarious?  The dude is straight up funny, and that’s no lie.  Here are some of his funniest lines from the campaign trail.

Read the rest of this entry

Who’s Dave Mustaine? And he said WHAT about Obama?

Who’s Dave Mustaine, you ask?  I actually know the answer to this – he’s the guitar player that got kicked out of Metallica during their early days, and then he started Megadeth, a band whose music has no lasting value whatsoever.  You might have seen his name in the news lately because he has a tendency to open his pie hole and say dumb things, but I’m here to tell you that he’s not worth listening to. Read the rest of this entry

Raising the Debt Limit and Increasing Revenues: How I make it look easy

Did your grammar school have one of those enrichment programs? Mine did. We would do wacky stuff that was way above our ability: follow the stock market, write novels, and build bridges that were two feet in length and could support a shotput with nothing but three sheets of paper, a handful of paper clips and three feet of masking tap. Why do I mention this? It’s essentially my credentials for being a person of some intelligence and therefore being qualified to solve a national crisis.

First off, lets just Raise the Debt Limit already. Even the barest of analysis tells us that a default will damage America’s credit rating, and the trickle down will raise costs of everyone as interest rates go up. Now if you’re worried about the Chinese and how much of our debt they own, and you think that it stands to reason that they would be mad if we defaulted… well, they would be, but frankly, they own so much of our debt that they are basically screwed no matter what. I heard a smarter person than me put it this way: "If you owe the bank a million dollars, then the bank owns you. If you owe the bank a billion dollars, then you own the bank… and the Chinese own way more than a billion dollars of our debt. Where else are they going to put there money?" I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

And it’s not like we’ve never raised the debt limit before. I was born at the end of 1980 and in my lifetime, the debt limit has been raised… wait for it… 36 times. THIRTY. SIX. TIMES. I’m not saying this is a good thing, but given that Congress has raised the debt ceiling more times than the number of years I’ve been alive over several administrations, I think it might be fair to call raising the debt limit business as usual. Just raise the damn thing already and quit wasting my time!

In my opinion, the best way to get rid of debt is to pay it off, and the best way to pay something off is to have money you can use to pay said bills, which means incurring revenue. I have two very simple ways to do this:

In case you were wondering, that’s the greatest name for a law ever. Much better than "Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA)" or "Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 (JGTRRA)," right? Those are the Bush Tax Cut laws, which are set to expire in a few months, so we don’t really need to repeal them so much as just not renew them. The simple fact is that when you owe a ton of money, you have to pay it back, and the longer you wait, the worse it gets – it’s called interest. So spending a ton of money (Iraq, Medicare Drug Program) while reducing income was not the best of ideas, but the idea that reduced tax rates are sustainable is totally insane, especially when you already have a ton of debt, never mind the fees these programs are still incurring.

Yeah, we have to raise taxes, but don’t worry, I’ve got your back, rich folks: solar panels. That’s right – my solution to easing your tax burden (which you can afford anyway because you’re rich) is solar panels. Own a business? Own a property? Own a home? Awesome – just slap some solar panels on your houses, business, and over your parking lots and I’ll cut you a fat multi-year tax break. Hell, if you rent the space where your business operates out of and your landlord puts up solar panels, I’ll still give you and the landlord the tax break. Look what I just did: I raised revenue with increased taxes, offered a loophole that will create jobs (which creates more tax payers) and helped the environment.

You know what else costs a lot of money, anxiety and danger? Marijuana importation from Mexico. A simple way to increase revenues, secure the southern border and cut spending would be to legalize marijuana and tax the hell out of it… or, tax it back to the ‘stoned age,’ as I think we should say. This will diminish the violence on the border (not to mention in Mexico), create a new cash crop for farmers, make us safer (despite all of the stoned people wandering around movie theaters) and bring in additional revenue… Oh, and then there’s all the money we’ll save on our police, court and prison system. The cops won’t have to waste time and money on marijuana investigations, the courts won’t be clogged with possession cases and we won’t have to pay for people sitting in already overcrowded prisons. But let me be clear: I’m talking about a regulated product that is sold in stores to adults ages 21 and over – not something sold on the street corner to anybody with money. We should still take care of that. But there is no reason not to make money off marijuana – especially when we need money so desperately and Americans are smoking it anyway.

No, I’m not running for president
But I totally should, right? I’ll think about it in 2016… I like Obama, I don’t want to spoil his flava in 2012 – although he’s a bit too compromising for my tastes. In any case, write your congressmen and tell them to get this debt ceiling nonsense settled, ASAP – and turn off the Ben Affleck movies.

North Iowa Tea Party’s anti socialist obama billboard

North Iowa Tea Party’s anti socialist obama billboard

I don’t see how I can take a political party seriously when they’re running ads like this one.  Step into my office, North Iowa Tea Party.

First off, its just bad marketing – all I can learn about your organization, which is new and I know little about, is what I can infer – that you don’t like socialism of any kind.  So why bother to separate them into  categories?  Why not just put all three figures on the billboard together, not separated by anything and just label it, ‘Socialists!’ because by putting these three together, you’re trying to at the very least infer they’re all the same on some level…  Right?  I think that’s what you’re saying.

Who’s praying on the fearful and naive?  Equating Hitler, Lenin and Obama?  Really?  No high school history student could take that seriously.  When Obama orders mass murder, call me.

And stop me if I’m way off, but I read in a few different publications that nearly all Tea Party members describe themselves as supporters of Social Security and Medicare.  Aren’t those socialist programs?  Pretty sure at least one is… the one with ‘social’ in the title, right?

Also, New Hampshire called:  they want their motto back!

Finally, I love that they’re the North Iowa Tea Party.  Iowa has a population of 3,007,856.  I know it’s a big place, but does your state really needs more than one branch of the Tea Party?  Brooklyn has a population of over 2 million…  or maybe its that there was one Iowa Tea Party, but they had to split in two because the South Iowa Tea Party wanted the billboard to read:  “Obama – impeach him because he’s black.  Seriously.”

But whatever, North Iowa Tea Party.

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