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New York Film Academy Ad Gives Dorks Hope Of Meeting Women Who Will Understand Them

Look at this ad.  Just look at it!


"Say, after we're done here, would either of you be interested in seeing the inside of a van? Wait, where are you going?"

You’ve got a female camera operator, a female assistant director holding the clap board and the director… well, I’m pretty sure he’s the comic relief character on “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Deck” or whatever the hell that show is called these days.  But seriously, when else would young ladies who look like that ever hang out with Sir Dweeb Fro-A-Lot?  Look at his face!  He knows it!  In fact, he knows that as soon as the shoot is over, he’s going back to his dorm room to resume being sad.

Just like this kid goes back to his dressing room in between takes and does another line – just trying to make it through the day.


"This episode was really existential for me."

If you want to learn about film, maybe go to New York Film Academy – you might learn something, I have no idea.  What I am telling you is that if you look like that kid, going to NYFA is not going to help you score with the ladies.

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