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Everything on Frightens Me

I’m only giving you the small version (below) of yesterday’s news feed because the large version is too scary! I’ve forgotten what it was, but story number 2 was so scary that they had to replace it with a different story so their top four stories weren’t scaring their users so badly that they turned off their computers and ran out of the room screaming. Look at this: scary sea monsters, negligent humans, damaging storms… it’s all gloom and doom! All I wanted to know was if it was going to rain in the afternoon or not – instead, scared a year off my life!

Why You Should Like The Facebook Page


Facebook is one of those things I have gone back and forth, changed my stance or all together reevaluated my feelings for.  It’s fun to share, but there are privacy concerns.  I like keeping in touch, but I don’t want to spill my guts for everybody on the internet.

As far as I can tell, the current privacy controls at Facebook are pretty good – nevertheless, I removed nearly all of the pictures from my personal account.  I do log in on the personal side to see what folks are up to (probably 1 to 2 times a week), but I don’t post much there.

The Facebook Page is another matter entirely.

The purpose of the Facebook Page is two fold:  first, to alert you to new posts on; second, to pass along stuff I’ve found on the net that I think is worth a look or a read.  While I would consider posting such links here… eh, it’s kind of a pain in the butt to do so, where as at Facebook (as you well know), posting a link takes only seconds.

I hope you will ‘like’ (join, whatever the vernacular is on Facebook these days) the Facebook page.  It’s a great way to let me know that you like the site – and if you do like the writing here, you’ll probably like the stuff I find on other sites.

Click here to visit the Facebook page. Facebook Page FAQ

What sort of links get posted to the Facebook Page?
The newest postings from as well as other links from sites that I think are of note.

What sort of links get posted to the Facebook Page?
Again, it’s a catch-all for pages I like.  I have my usual haunts on the net:  Cracked, the New York Times, baseball sites – but I wander off into the Ethernet yonder every once and a while, and sometimes, peeps send me stuff to peep (see what I did there?!? [smiley face] ), and when it’s quality, I like to pass it along.  As with outbound links here at, the same applies to The Facebook Page.

I’m not going to hijack your news feed.
You don’t have to worry about that – I’m not going to go all Conan O’Brien on you (although I do love me some Conan); in fact, I doubt there would be a post every day of any sort – new blog or otherwise.

Should I ‘like’ or friend you personally?
It’s really your call, but it makes more sense to ‘like’  Friend-ing me on Facebook will no doubt be both  a boring and confusing experience.

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