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Spy movie review

Spy is the new joint from director Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy, so don’t let the terrible trailer fool you; it’s just as funny as their previous collaborationsRead the rest of this entry

Tammy movie review

Tammy may be the best testament there can ever be the amazing talent that is Melissa McCarthy.  The marketing was terrible, the script is rife with problems and the cast is bloated to the point of distraction… and the movie’s still entertaining.  Read the rest of this entry

St. Vincent movie review

If ever there was a movie that lived and died by its cast, St. Vincent is that movie.  (And this movie lives.) 
Read the rest of this entry

Oh Hollywood, you so crazy…


Oh Hollywood, you so crazy

No, not in a fun 1990s “your absurd antics amuse me but generally do no harm” kind of way, but instead, more like in a horrible please come up with a new idea and stop running everything into the ground kind of way.

THAT way.  And that way sucks.  Observe:  Read the rest of this entry

Identity Thief (movie review)

Let’s review Identity Thief!  Because… I watched it… so… yeah.


“I liked it better the first time I saw it when it was called Midnight Run.”

identity-thief-posterOr 48 Hours. Or whatever. I’m sure there are lots of movies like this – as I noted yesterday, many movies rely heavily on formula, and today’s movie is no exception. Hmm… Melissa McCarthy movies are no exception, that’s for sure. The Heat was a much more comedic version of a buddy cop movie, although I guess we’ve already seen that in the shape of Beverly Hills Cop. Double Hmm… 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop… is McCarthy just remaking Eddie Murphy movies? Sort of, yeah. Anyway…  Read the rest of this entry

The Heat (movie review)

the-heat-movie-posterI’m sure someone has made a buddy cop movie starring ladies before, but I can’t think of it… anyway, it’s not as though Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are too old for this expletive in The Heat, but you’re on the right track.

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Bridesmaids movie review

bridesmaids-movie-posterstars-four-halfWhen you see a trailer featuring a gang of ladies walking toward the camera in slow motion, it’s OK to be afraid – and then when you see several cuts of said ladies dancing around, it’s OK to hide under your bed.  Yet, Bridesmaids is not a chick flick (despite the poster) – this is a legit comedy that anyone can enjoy…  well, actually, I’d love to know how the gays feel about this movie.  As far as I can recall, there’s not much here for them. Read the rest of this entry

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