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QUICK REVIEWS: The Departed (episode 22)

QUICK REVIEWS is back in action!  This time, I’m taking a look at The Departed, another action crime drama from Martin Scorsese.  Man, nobody does mob movies like Scorsese. The screenplay is by William Monahan (this is probably his most famous movie) and starring… well, everybody. The Departed stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, and Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, Ray Winstone, Vera Farmiga, Anthony Anderson and Alec Baldwin.  You think they got enough stars?  I bet a lot (half?) of that $90 million dollar budget went to salaries!  It’s not Scorsese’s best movie, but I’m a fan of The Departed.

That’s a good question.  What is Scorsese’s best movie?  Goodfellas?

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The Amazing Spider-Man (movie review)

the-amazing-spider-man-movie-posterIf you make an average to below average action movie, you would be wise to avoid putting the word ‘amazing’ in the title – such is the fate of The Amazing Spider-Man.

I should first explain that I’m not a big fan of the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man films. The first one is… fine, I guess. I liked the scene where the Green Goblin made Spider-Man choose between saving innocents and Mary Jane and we got that really awesome reflection of the options in Spidey’s eyes. The second one was… OK. There were some cool action scenes, but overall, I wasn’t fine. The third one was just an all out cluster @!#?@!. Right, Q-bert?


That a boy.

Every character in this movie have severe emotional problems on some level and their actions are baffling to say the least. Also, despite some really cool action, the movie is boring and the climax is uninteresting.

Anyway, now that you know where I’m coming from, I had neither high hopes or expectations for this new Spider-Man. I liked Andrew Garfield in The Social Network and he seemed like a fine choice to take over for Maguire as Spider‑Man and Emma Stone – doesn’t everybody love Emma Stone? Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben and Sally Field as Aunt May? Uhm, yes please! Still, despite this movie’s star power and action, it’s kinda boring. Here’s just a few reasons – and I should mention there are spoilers below, but at this point, I assume you saw the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies, or at least the first one, so they’re not all real spoilers. Read the rest of this entry

Bernie Williams Allusion on The West Wing

Ever watch that show The West Wing?  I watched the hell out of that show – you can’t beat Martin Sheen!!

Anyway, check out this scene – Martin Sheen’s character, President Bartlett, makes a great allusion to Bernie Williams to make a fantastic point.

President Bartlet: The center fielder for the Yankees is an accomplished classical guitarist. People who like baseball can’t like books?

From the episode Posse Comitatus, which originally aired on Wednesday May 22, 2002.

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