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Lowe’s uses cutting edge software in cash registers

I kid Lowe’s, I kid!

But seriously, Windows stopped supporting XP in 2009. The last service pack came out the year before. More importantly, this particular Lowe’s didn’t exist back then.

So… Yeah. Starting to figure out the problem with the self checkout system. Of course, I’m sure checkout programs are fairly simple and businesses shouldn’t (and won’t) spend money fixing things that don’t need fixing.  On the other hand, when your self checkout is closed because your decade old software is spinning the entire time I was in the checkout area… might be a problem.

Lowes sells potentially racist plant


Whoa there, Lowes!  Easy now!  I’m pretty sure you can’t say that.   Sounds wrong.   Yeah, I’m fairly certain this plant is racist.

Truth in Advertising: Lowe’s

What if advertisers had to tell the truth in their ads? Lowe’s ad might look something like this:


Because…  you know… Lowe’s sells lots of materials for home improvements, and if you stop improving your home…  they don’t have a whole lot of products to sell you.  So Lowe’s would be fucked if you stopped improving your home, is what I’m saying.


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