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Do you want to tell Lady Gaga her dress can’t fly, or should I?

Lady Gaga has unveiled VOLANTIS, which she is calling the World’s First Flying Dress.  In reality, it’s just a helicopter/inverted hovercraft sort of gizmo that has something that sort of looks like a dress where a seat should go.  The YouTube description proclaims that the “dress” was “built by the TechHaus, the technical division of the Haus of Gaga.”

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Everything you ever wanted to know and were afraid to ask about Glen Beck

glen beckNew York Times Magazine has a dissertation (the online version is 10 “pages” long) out on Glen Beck.  If that sounds daunting, don’t worry – I’ll hook you up.  Let’s quote:

“I think what the country is going through right now is, in a way, what I went through with my alcoholism,” he told me. “You can either live or die. You have a choice.”

Am I the only person on earth who didn’t know Glen Beck was a recovering alcoholic?  That makes it even more interesting to me when people refer to him as the new Rush Limbaugh, as Mr. Limbaugh is in recovery for abusing… I forget what, pills, maybe?  And ‘live or die,’ huh?  I guess Glen Beck saw the end of Karate Kid Part 2.

It was a Wednesday afternoon in the middle of September, and Beck had just returned from a week’s vacation in the Grand Tetons followed by a quick hop to Anchorage, where he and Sarah Palin appeared at an event on Sept. 11.

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