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11 movies starring Kevin James that are the opposite of good


Cutting edge comedy!

There are few comedians I have more disdain for than Kevin James.  (Well, Adam Sandler – I can’t abide any more of that guy.)  From his family friendly Al Bundy on King of Queens (“I played high school baseball!”) to his current reign of terror at theaters, Kevin James is a miserable performer in miserable stories, often using his more than ample sized ass to be the butt of the joke.  After reviewing his filmography, you have to wonder why Hollywood keeps letting him make movies (much to Hollywood’s credit, they did get a handle on Rob Schneider and have done a good job at keeping him from Bigalowing since 2005), but a quick look at the list will…  well, only complicate matters.  Let’s dive in… Read the rest of this entry

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