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Spy movie review

Spy is the new joint from director Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy, so don’t let the terrible trailer fool you; it’s just as funny as their previous collaborationsRead the rest of this entry

The Grand Budapest Hotel (movie review)

As Wes Anderson films are a comedy genre unto themselves, they can really only be compared to each other. As unfair as that may be, it’s apparent that The Grand Budapest Hotel , while an entertaining film, falls short of expectations. Read the rest of this entry

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Review

sherlock-holmes-a-game-of-shadowsstars-fourIf you enjoyed the 2009 joint venture of Robert Downey, Jr., Jude Law and Guy Ritchie that was Sherlock Holmes, then I have every reason to believe that you’ll be happy with Sherlock Holmes:  A Game of Shadows.  But, if you hated the first one, this episode isn’t going to change your mind, although for my part, I enjoyed it more than the first flick.

spoiler alert

I could recap the plot, but, at this point, you’ve probably already seen the movie and if you didn’t, don’t spoil it.  From here, I’m going to dig into a few points I feel are worth of discussion.

1. Holmes had that crazy web on his wall that connects multiple murders, terrorist attacks, and business acquisitions to Professor James Moriarty how, exactly?  The connection itself was that it all somehow benefited arms manufacturing, but how he connected that to Moriarty, I either never understood or have forgotten.  Pretty sure Holmes said Moriarty was too smart to leave any evidence…  blah.

2.  I don’t believe Irene Adler is really dead, but instead, Moriarty is just letting Holmes think she is.  This way, he (and the audience) must take Moriarty’s threat to kill Watson and his wife seriously and with Adler still alive, he can use her as an asset later.  Or, she can wake up at beginning of the next movie in some sanatorium and once again become Holmes love interest.

3.  I usually hate slow motion, but I think Guy Ritchie made very good use of it.  I’m a fan of his style, and although I wouldn’t exactly call this movie as stylized as, say, RocknRolla, it’s still a Guy Ritchie movie.  I heard one critic say they thought that the movie’s colors were to drab, but I was OK with that.  However, it’s all gray palate doesn’t give the audience a lot of help when it comes to changing locals; if this were a quiz about what cities the movie took place

4.  Is Mycroft Holmes awesome or what?  If Sherlock is eccentric, Mycroft is completely insane – and it’s great!

5. A good portion of the movie focused on finding this Rene guy, and since I had no idea who he was, that didn’t really interest me.  Of course, since we see later that he’s been surgically altered to look like someone else, showing him earlier in the film would have been confusing… maybe a flashback would have helped…  if there was more Rene in the film before the finale, I can’t remember it.

6.  I loved that Moriarty tricked Holmes concerning the location of the bomb – that was awesome.  Good act 2 twist – Holmes can be beaten by this villain.

The movie is playful, funny and action packed.  The actors all deliver fine performances and Guy Ritchie directs his ass off.  It’s not Shakespeare, but it gets the job done.

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