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Hunger Games + Republican Presidential Primary (JEB edition)



After my first Hunger Games The Fallen + Republican Presidential Primary video, I had to step up my game for JEB.

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Anybody But Jeb! ep 2 review or CNN’s Republican Presidential Debate


Each candidate’s lectern will inject a mild yet pleasurable stimulant directly into their bloodstream each time they say “Reagan.”

Last time on Anybody But Jeb!, we saw Donald Trump cement his standing as the Randle McMurphy of the stage while Scott Walker’s performance pushed his numbers from “legitimate candidate” to “one of several people we’re just waiting to drop out.”  Did episode 2 change anything for these candidates?  And did Jeb do well enough to get his numbers to start swinging toward the two front-runners?  Keep in mind that the series finale episode of Anybody But Mitt! was called, “Meh, Let’s Just Go With Mitt.”  Read the rest of this entry

Jeb Bush is Running for President in 2016 [Prediction]

The Bush Family is going for another sequel and historically, the 3rd film in the franchise is usually weak compared to the first two, but you never know until you get in the theater and watch it.  Look at Revenge of the Sith – that… that was better than Attack of the Clones.  Anyway, Jeb Bush participated in a question-and-answer session with reporters and editors by Bloomberg View. I have no idea why he’d do something like this at this point, but he did.  Oh wait, yes I do – because he thinks Mitt Romney is going to lose this fall and he’s going to run in 2016.
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