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Game Night is not a waste of your time (movie review)

game night movie

I hate to hurl a bunch of statistics at you, but I feel that they’re more relevant than usual. Out of 169 critics, 138 gave Game Night a positive review with an average rating of 6.7 out of 10. I think this, while not a ringing endorsement, sets expectations perfectly for the movie it aggregates.

If you’ve seen the trailer, I can understand that you might be filled with trepidation. The premise is so dumb even 80s comedies are blushing, but somehow, they make it work. The plot isn’t airtight and it’s fair to say that its biggest twists don’t exactly make sense, but it’s still fun. This movie tends to run the best jokes into the ground but the cast is so charming I don’t think you’ll mind.

The biggest difference between Game Night and its contemporary peers is that this movie seems to have a script filled with dialogue, setups and payoffs and is just generally trying. Most comedies I’ve seen lately rely heavily on improvisation and star power rather than any sort of attempt at something that smacks of effort.

I think the most important takeaway from Game Night is that Rachel McAdams is fantastic and she should be in every movie forever. The ensemble is strong, but I feel she’s the clear standout.

If you see Game Night, I think you’ll have a fun time at the movies and won’t feel cheated (ironically enough, The House doesn’t play by the rules). I don’t see us looking back on this movie as a comedy classic in ten years, but rather a passable evening at the movies.

The 65th annual Primetime Emmy Awards may direct its lips to my posterior

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Identity Thief (movie review)

Let’s review Identity Thief!  Because… I watched it… so… yeah.


“I liked it better the first time I saw it when it was called Midnight Run.”

identity-thief-posterOr 48 Hours. Or whatever. I’m sure there are lots of movies like this – as I noted yesterday, many movies rely heavily on formula, and today’s movie is no exception. Hmm… Melissa McCarthy movies are no exception, that’s for sure. The Heat was a much more comedic version of a buddy cop movie, although I guess we’ve already seen that in the shape of Beverly Hills Cop. Double Hmm… 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop… is McCarthy just remaking Eddie Murphy movies? Sort of, yeah. Anyway…  Read the rest of this entry

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