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Check out Stereo Telescope’s new album On and Running [music pick]


Boston’s Stereo Telescope (who I’ve written about before) have dropped their first full length album, and it rocks VERY HARD.  I’m sure Oprah thought she was all pimp with her book club, but On and Running is the first official music pick!
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(Are you) A True Regular? – The Regulars [music review]

(Are you) A True Regular? is the debut recording (a five track EP) by The Regulars of Boston, MA.

The Regulars possess a large, warm sound that recalls Queen, The Beatles and a zillion other bands that are awesome – and yet, The Regulars don’t exactly sound like any of those bands, they just… I don’t know, almost reference other bands without really sounding much like other bands.  You just can’t put your finger on it, but there is something comfortable about The Regulars, like an old hoodie you lost but found again and it still fits and it’s still in like new  condition.  It’s warm and comfortable and exactly what you were looking for but new at the same time.  OK, I’m rambling now – just listen here.

(Also, BandCamp needs to add a volume control – is it just me?  Am I missing something?)

You can’t pigeon hole this sound any more than you can deny it.   It’s fun, uplifting and smooth.  I can’t wait to hear what they do next.  Check them out on Facebook here.

Attention Must Be Paid: Indian Wife


If you’re new to the Attention Must Be Paid feature, here’s the deal:  when I run across something that I think is great and isn’t getting the props it deserves, I write it up in this space.  Unfortunately, AMBP has become a graveyard of canceled projects, and today’s celebrated artist, Indian Wife, is not an exception – they’re on what is probably best described as permanent hiatus.  Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy their music.

Indian Wife is out of New York and describes their genre as Noise Rock, but I’m not educated enough to elaborate on that – I’ll just say it’s good music.  Comprised of Sbags, Indian Mike and Chris (who you’ll recognize from Rattrap Bumpkin), this is the sort of band that you’d invite to your house for a barbecue, or ask to help you defend the homestead from an invasion of saucer people – they kick that much ass.

Listening to Indian Wife is like watching someone paint a masterpiece with a broom; a giant piece of canvas is manipulated with lots of long, thick strokes and vivid colors over and over again.  This is on full display in their five track album, Dirt Worshiper, which is available for FREE download.

If you like buildup and payoff, then the opening track is for you.  “Comstock Lode” starts up like an old, reliable car and just keeps going… it slides out of the driveway, down the suburban streets and eventually to the highway – that’s when you find out you find out that this car has a big ass engine.  And tremolo picking – I friggin love tremolo picking!  “Mannegishi” makes excellent use of a chorus effect on the guitar, and the song is just tight; everyone is together.  I love the reverb and delay on “Horizon;” it creates an atmosphere all its own on all of the songs, but perhaps is best used on this track; it’ll lull you to sleep… and i can’t even begin to speculate on what sort of dreams you’d have… they might be something like this.  Then “Holy Water” comes on and kicks your ass with power and feedback until the final number, “Ezra Kind” rocks you on home.

Check out Indian Wife – it won’t cost you a thing but it’ll enrich your life!

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