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One year after Hurricane Sandy

We’re now one year out from Hurricane Sandy and I can’t help but hope we don’t get our collective ass kicked again by yet another storm. (After Sandy, snow in October and other storms, I’ve become paranoid about any weather event falling between October 1 and April 30.) Most things are back to normal, but there are still so many people waiting on insurance claims, grants, permits and what have you.

My family and I were lucky. A tree branch hit the house, but it didn’t do any damage. We lost power on later Monday afternoon and it was restored on the following Saturday, which was a great relief because the rumor was if your power wasn’t fixed by the end of the weekend, you were in for a long haul, and that rumor proved to be true. Some people waited weeks, maybe even months longer than we did. That, as I have been saying lately, is bonkers.

What I remember the most about the storm and it’s aftermath:

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Sandy and now Athena: Bitches be trippin' (Storms are women?)

Many people still don’t have power, but the recovery from Hurricane Sandy is underway… except now here comes Winter Storm Athena. That’s just great.

As if it wasn’t already cold enough, now it’s snowing. Frankly, this is bullshit. People without heat and power were struggling enough, and now they get this? This is not cool. Well, I guess it’s cold, is what it is, but it sucks. Sucks ass.

(Yeah, I know the profanity level has been going up in recent weeks, but it’s stressful around here. It’s not an excuse, but it is the reason.)

What I’d really like to know is:

1. Why do we name storms after people? That seems like it’s just begging for trouble… like little Sandy getting the crap kicked out of her at school…
2. We’ve had two storms in the last two weeks – why name them both after women?

I don’t know the answer to these questions I’ve posed any more than I know the answers to why some people are still waiting on power and heat or how bad Athena will be.

Everybody stay safe, and if you see Mother Nature, give her the finger for me.
(Oh, is that why they name the storms after women? Mother Nature? What about Hurricane Floyd? Or "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair? Holy shit, my website is stupid.)

Gas Rationing in New Jersey


We are still rationing gas here in New Jersey in the wake of hurricane sandy.  You know it’s your day to get gas based on your license plate number.  But then comes the challenge:  you have to find a gas station that has power, has gas and doesn’t have a line that’s so long you run out of gas long before you get to the pump.  Oh and if you want an octane higher than 87, you can forget it.

I’m no lover of gas, but this situation is fucked and hopefully, it gets unfucked soon.

I’m voting for Obama: Part 2

Barack Obama 2008I had planned an entire series of “I’m voting for Obama” posts, but Hurricane Sandy screwed that up. Anyway, here is the penultimate post on why I’m voting for Obama.

(Unfortunately, I don’t have time to unleash the humongous essays on various issues I had planned, so I’m only providing the Cliff Notes version on limited topics.) Read the rest of this entry

Halloween Decorations

Given that I missed actual Halloween due to Hurricane Sandy, I’m doing some Halloween posts today as many towns in New Jersey postponed trick or treating until today. I am also having a great Halloween party just to prove that this hurricane cannot get the best of me. I have all the decorations ready but am still in search of the perfect costume. I will keep you posted and can’t wait to post photo booth pictures. That’s right everyone I rented a photo booth!! It should be a fantastic night.

This Headless Pirate Halloween decoration was made by contributors Nurse Becky and T-Roar, and I must say, it’s most impressive AND serves as a good reminder that pirates are something you should be afraid of and NOT something you should let your kids watch on the Disney Channel.

Happy Halloween! (New Jersey)


Because of Hurricane Sandy, we’re running a little behind here in my part of Jersey and we’ll celebrate Halloween today.  Be safe and have fun!

Power Restored following Hurricane Sandy

Power Restored following Hurricane Sandy
On Saturday Nov 3, power was restored to the house and things are slowly getting back to normal around here following Hurricane Sandy (or Super Storm Sandy, or whatever the hell they’re calling it) and the family was lucky to not have sustained damage or injury, so regular postings will resume here on soon.  The area certainly is not where we need it to be yet, but my little corner of New Jersey is on the mend as most of the trees have been cleared and as of this weekend, it looks like a lot of people got power back.  Still, there is a long way to go and so many have lost so much.  As you probably heard on the news, the town of Little Ferry was hit very hard by flood waters after the levees that protect them were breached.  I don’t pretend to understand exactly what that means, but what I can tell you is that Little Ferry is hurting.  FEMA arrived there on Friday Nov 2, but there is still a lot of work to do.  I would guess volunteering or donating via FEMA is the best way to help out, so if you have the means, I hope you’ll do so.

Disney buys Lucas Film, Promises Star Wars Episode VII by 2015, which will be about THIS!

FYI: Hurricane Sandy is still inhibiting my ability to post on a regular basis and I have no idea when that will stop. I hope everyone is safe and fortified as the siege continues!

If you don’t know, I’m a Star Wars Nerd (please don’t say Geek -for some reason, I think that would associate me with The Big Bang Theory in some way, and I do not want that), and although the prequels ultimately made me question my faith in humanity, I’m still a fan. So, I can’t help but speculate – what will Episode 7 be about?

George Lucas has reportedly written a treatment for Episodes 7, 8 and 9 but will not write or direct (which is probably for the best), but if he’s giving them 10 or 12 pages of story to work with (and I don’t see Lucas adapting any stories from the Star Wars Expanded Universe), odds are, Episode VII will go something like this, because this is what Episode I and IV were roughly about:

1. A wise old mentor (Luke Skywalker) takes a young man under his wing (one of Leia and Han’s kids)
2. The wise old mentor dies in the second or third act
3. The young man becomes the hero of the day

It’s a long way until 2015, but we can speculate because speculating is fun! Who knows what we’ll actually get, but for now, there is no reason to believe that we won’t get something fun to watch.

Hurricane Sandy: a trip to the grocery store

We’re lucky to have an open grocery store in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, even if it’s not functioning at maximum capacity.



Perishable items were either not to be found or locked up.  Still, we were able to get plenty of food.  Hope everyone out there is safe, stocked and has a more understanding employer than I do.

Things to do while you’re waiting for Hurricane Sandy

Still got power and looking for things to do on the internet and what have you  while you’re waiting for Hurricane Sandy to ruin your life?  I have a few suggestions:

Perhaps you might grab your loved ones and ROCK THEM LIKE A HURRICANE! Read the rest of this entry

Storm’s a-comin’


You can always tell when a big storm is coming just by the state of the water aisle:  if it’s bare, beware!  (That little rhyme works for safe sex, too!)
Anyway, be safe, stock up on water and stay inside.

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