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12 Last Minute Christmas Gifts Available Everywhere That No One Wants

elf-voice-toyThere’s Christmas Gifts and then there’s the stuff that was clearly purchased at whatever store someone passed on their way to give you said gift.  It’s the thought that counts, but that doesn’t mean this stuff isn’t worthless junk.   Read the rest of this entry

Moonlight and Mistletoe (movie review)

Hey! That’s not what Candace Cameron looked like at that age! Boo! Boo, I say! Booooooo!

Rarely will one come upon a movie as flawed as Moonlight and Mistletoe. My mom, who is a generous audience, would even be yelling, “Oh, come on!” at the TV. I know that’s not an especially helpful analogy for you since you don’t know my mom, so let me put it this way: this movie sucks. Read the rest of this entry

The Nine Lives of Christmas (movie review)

The Nine Lives of Christmas is 2014’s new hotness from the Hallmark Channel. It’s… you know, a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. Read the rest of this entry

Holiday Engagement (movie review)

The Hallmark Channel is back at it again with Holiday Engagement. This movie has a plot that’s been recycled through the rom com genre a million times and isn’t even unique to the Christmas rom com sub genre. (Holiday in Handcuffs, anyone? The title’s even similar – and this movie isn’t nearly as insane as it’s predecessor.) Read the rest of this entry

The Santa Incident (movie review)

On paper, The Santa Incident has a beyond ridiculous premise, yet somehow, the flick kinda works.

Read the rest of this entry

Let it Snow (movie review)

Candace Cameron Bure  (DJ on Full House) stars in 2013’s Let it Snow, Hallmark’s answer to a question no one asked regarding what happens when you take the name of a popular Christmas song and shoehorn it in as the title of your movie. Read the rest of this entry

A Very Merry Mix-Up (movie review)

Does this guy look a little like Norm MacDonald?  At least in this picture, right?

This time, Alicia Witt’s talents are being wasted in A Very Merry Mix-Up.  This movie exists because somebody thought While You Were Sleeping didn’t have enough of a Christmas edge to it.   Read the rest of this entry

Meet the Santas (movie review)

The universe is an amazing place. Stars, orbiting moons, planets of extreme heat, intense cold and a little blue ball called earth where we’re all along for the ride. Star Trek calls our home sector 001 and it’s a fantastic place to hang out, full of wonders, imagination and miracles. Only in such an environment could Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus net a sequel, Meet the Santas. Join me as we explore a movie of infinite possibilities… where they essentially never leave the house. Read the rest of this entry

Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus (movie review)

When it comes to made for tv movies, you’ve got your Lifetime, your ABC Family, and then, waaaaaaaaaaaaay down at the bottom of the barrel, your Hallmark flicks. Such is Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus, featuring the star power of Steve Guttenberg and Crystal Bernard.
That’s not a joke. Read the rest of this entry

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