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You’ve never seen graffiti like THIS before

I’ve seen a lot of graffiti in my time wandering the Earth. There’s the artisanal masters who deliver their gifts to us for free via spray paint or marker, the “for a good time call” traditionalists, but now I’ve come across an entirely new genre: the Jack Handy Deep Thoughts omagers. I didn’t see this coming. Man, this person really hates summer – or at least humidity. Good to know.

Please resume your lives.

PS: I think this is my best click bait title EVER.

Bathroom Graffiti: Airport Edition



Ah graffiti artists, how you pull at my heart-strings!  They create art and break the law all in one fell swoop.  It kinda makes me wish I could draw.  I love the detail on the mouth here as we are asked to ponder “Wake up” or “Keep Dreaming?”  Those angry eyebrows make me think that waking up is not the prefered course or action and I do find it quite apropos to the airport experience.  When one is traveling, you’re detached from the routine and sometimes, it feels that if you could just keep on going and never return home, maybe you’d just “keep dreaming.”

My mind tends to wander when I’m in the bathroom.

Toilet humor in photos


There’s nothing like going back to your home town and seeing THIS spray painted on a wall.  There’s art, there’s social commentary and then there’s writing “Who Farted?” on a private building but deciding that it necessitates a capitalization styled in MLA title format, hence the uppercase F.

Or maybe I’m reading into this too much.  Up next:  Read the rest of this entry

Hand Dryer Humor



Somebody knocked it out of the park – or should I say – mocked it out of the park? But yeah – well done, some guy in the movie theater bathroom.  This is the best graffiti ever.

Lazy Graffiti


I don’t mind graffiti, but lazy graffiti is something I have no tolerance for!  “Hello” – that’s it?  That’s all you’ve got?  It’s not even written in a way that is especially interesting to look at!  And I took this photo at a college, not at a high school!  The best possible scenario is that it’s a reference to the Seinfeld episode The Voice, but that seems pretty far fetched – especially since there’s only one O and no “La la la!”

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Bathroom Graffiti


Bathroom graffiti can be great, and this time, it was.  Is it a threat or a promise? Either way, it made me chuckle – especially ‘us’ rather than ‘me.’  Well done, graffiti guy – well done.

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