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Gotham (Quick Reviews Spoiler Discussion #2)

In case you missed this episode of Quick Reviews on the YouTube channel, here’s our Spoiler Discussion on Gotham – specifically on Jim Gordon’s character and how the show broke it. Read the rest of this entry

Thoughts on Gotham episode "Penguin's Umbrella" (TV Review)

After weeks of buildup, Jim Gordon’s decision to not execute The Penguin as he was told is finally bearing down on the two of them and Harvey Bullock. Since it’s only November and the seventh episode of the series, I don’t think we could expect anything too tantalizing from last night’s episode, but, the show is certainly doing a lot to raise people’s expectations.

So, did this episode deliver? Read the rest of this entry

Quick thoughts on the first two episodes of Gotham (TV Review)

The first two episodes of Gotham have given me a feel for the show as it is and where it can go from here. So far… I’m on the fence.
Read the rest of this entry

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