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A quick word on Harold Ramis

Everyone here at was saddened to learn that Harold Ramis had passed away after a battle with a rare illness. We loved watching him on the screen (Ghostbusters, Stripes), but his directorial accomplishments (Groundhog Day, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Caddyshack) were just as notable. Whether in front of or behind the camera, Harold Ramis always gave us something to smile about. The world is surely poorer for this loss.

12 Songs That Are Really Only 5 Songs

rock-bandIn the world of musical copy write, there are things you can and can’t do – specially, you can copy write a melody, but not a chord progression.  I understand that if you could copy write a cord progression, the lawsuits would fall like raindrops, but I still think people stretch this point to the breaking point.  Here are 12 songs that are, in my opinion, really only 5 songs.

“Ghostbusters” VS “I Want A New Drug”

My understanding is that Huey Lewis was tapped to write a theme song for Ghostbusters (all movies had title songs in the 1980s… Better Off Dead and Pretty in Pink spring to mind), but it didn’t work.  They turned to Ray Parker Jr. and later settled out of court when Lewis sued them for blatantly plagiarizing his melody.  [Wikipedia]

“My Sweet Lord” VS “He’s So Fine”

Even a Beatle can screw up.  George Harrision and Ronnie Mack battle it out here, and for some reason, it took a court ten fucking years to decide that Harrison subconsciously copied the tune and paid out $587,000 in damages.  [Wikipedia] Read the rest of this entry

Google+ or Oh Goody, Another Social Network!

If you’re not already following on Twitter and Facebook… well, you could. Frankly, I’m content if you come to the site and read the posts – if you drop a comment, I’m ecstatic. If you use one of the social medias and make this site a part of your experience, I’m grateful. As for me, I’m fairly lost in the social networking wilderness.

Twitter is pretty self explanatory – I only use it for and (no personal account) and besides alerts for new posts, I primarily only tweet at the latter. Twitter is what it is – it’s kind of a mess, but at least there isn’t a ton of extraneous nonsense. As for Facebook, I figured out how to make the alerts for new posts go to my personal page (which is almost entirely populated with alerts for new posts at BB and CJ), but not quite to the Facebook pages for the respective sites. I try to check out people’s updates… but I get discouraged quickly. I don’t care that someone parked across three spaces at your office, that your sunglasses fell apart again, or that you made a great dinner.

For me, Twitter and Facebook are a fairly significant amount of social media to manage on their own, and given that I’m not especially interested, it’s tough to get up the motivation to actually do anything manually. If not for the automatic alerts for new posts (bless you, WordPress software!), my Facebook and Twitter would be sparse indeed.

But now, I find myself using Google+, the social networking offering from the search giant that their shareholders have been clamoring for. I’ve never been a heavy Facebook user, but I have to say that in comparison, Google+ is a lot easier, cleaner and less befuddling to use. I haven’t received a single invitation to tour someone’s farm, participate in a gang fight or help someone get food out to a customer in time. The Streams (sounds filthy… or like Ghostbusters: “Don’t cross the streams!”) of family, friends and acquaintances is much easier to navigate than Facebook’s mash up of people you know (their group tool doesn’t do it for me) or MySpace’s advertising-lain distopia. (Maybe Justin Timberlake can fix it, Napster style.)

As much as I can go on and sing the praises of Google+ and it’s superior formatting and user experiences, for me, outside of letting folks know what’s going on at the blog, it’s still a social network and social networking is fairly pointless. For example, last night: my girlfriend was so impressed at my arrangement of taco salad on my plate that she encouraged me to take a photo, which I did, and it occurred to me that as I took the pic with my new phone, I could easily send it somewhere, but… does anyone really care that we’re proud of our dinner? Probably not.

But I’m on Google+ now. Check out my dinner!

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