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4 reasons Short Circuit 2 isn’t as good as the original (movie review)

Only Fischer Stevens (racist 80s stereotype character) and Tim Blaney (the voice of Johnny Five) return from the original cast in Short Circuit 2, a movie that exists because there was money to be made on the brand.   The first movie was a harmony of creativity, old ideas with a new twist and commercial appeal, while this movie just cashes in on the first installment.  Here are 4 reasons Short Circuit 2 doesn’t live up to the original. Read the rest of this entry

Short Circuit movie review

In the 1980s, it wasn’t enough that your movie was an adventure.  You had to give the audience more than that; you had to have a fresh take, even if you reused old ideas.  So, your Frankenstein/sci-fi story also had to be a comedy… and a road movie… and have a romantic subplot… and challenge the very notion of what it means to be alive.  You get all this and more in a movie that includes a scene where a robot and Ally Sheedy have weird sexual chemistry while dancing to a scene from Saturday Night Fever playing on a television.  I give you Short Circuit!  Read the rest of this entry

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