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Primary Colors movie review – special guest blog!

Today’s review of Primary Colors is a special guest blog written by Contemporary Teenager.  Enjoy!  ~jamie

So hi.  Uhm, I watched this movie on the TV in the living room (instead of on my phone like a normal person) with my stupid parents and it was called Primary Colors and I think it was supposed to be educational or something.  Read the rest of this entry

Dead Again movie review

Dead Again is one of those movies that leaves it all out on the field.  It has excellent performances from Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson and Robin Williams (and, to a lesser extent,  Andy Garcia and Derek Jacobi).  I wouldn’t say it’s a great movie, and it certainly has some fresh ideas for the film noir mystery genre, but it comes up a bit short.  Read the rest of this entry

Beautiful Creatures movie review

Why is this movie called Beautiful Creatures?  I don’t even have a guess…  (IE, I recall no creatures, just people.)  But as far as “the protagonist is a special snowflake in this young adult novel fantasy romance adaptation” genre goes, it’s a decent movie with some great actors turning in quality performances.  Read the rest of this entry

Saving Mr. Banks (movie review)

You see that trailer up there? Don’t watch it. It’s both misleading and sorta ruins the movie. But if you did already watch it, that’s OK – you’ll probably forget the trailer once you start watching Saving Mr. Banks because the two are soooooo far removed from each other it hardly matters. This doesn’t mean that the movie is bad (it’s quite good, actually), but what’s presented in the trailer is a lighted hearted comedic bit of entertainment history, but what you get is a ton of hard hitting drama with moments of levity in between. Read the rest of this entry

Last Chance Harvey

last-chance-harveyTwo excellent actors.  One montage of a woman trying on dresses.   A fifteen second commercial for Oxi Clean.  Character flaws that get resolved in the first act instead of the third.  A second act turn you see coming a mile away.  A third act that lasts only seconds after a first act that lasts 80 of the 90 minute running time.  From a writer/director who definitely owns a “how to write a screenplay” guide-book.

And it’s still a decent movie. Read the rest of this entry

Remains of the Day movie review

My Score:  90%

When two of my favorite actors get together and rumble, it’s all good.

Remains of the Day often revolves around a face off between head butler James Stevens (Anthony Hopkins) and housekeeper Miss Kenton (Emma Thompson) in a grudge match that will result in who is master over the rest of the staff, the house, and whether or not they can convince their master to use his influence to prevent World War II.  So… a broad range of emotions are present! Read the rest of this entry

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