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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier movie review

star-trek-v-the-final-frontierWAIT!  DON’T STOP READING YET!

If you hate Star Trek, stick around!  I’m going to rip this movie to shreds!  And if you love Star Trek, stick around!  You probably hate this movie as much as I do – the only question that remains is, do we hate it for the same reasons? Read the rest of this entry

Time Travelling Through The Eyes Of Harry Potter, Mr. Scott and Marty McFly


Ever travel through time?  Me neither.  (Forgetting to ‘spring ahead’ or ‘fall back’ does not count.)  I have, however, watched a significant number of movies where time travel rears it’s head, and scientific questions ensue.  To answer said questions, I turned to three of the best relative theory minds I could find.

(I couldn’t get a hold of Keanu Reeves or Albert Einstein; Einstein’s LAN line has been busy for like an hour, he doesn’t have a cell and Keanu is busy talking up Bill and Ted 3…  ugh.  But yeah, if you need more information about time travel, I would consult one of those dudes.)

So, how does one travel through time, and if one does, are there consequences?  Let’s ask the experts: Read the rest of this entry

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