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My proposal for Downton Abbey Season 4

Downton Abbey was a big deal in my house. Was. The death of Matthew put an end to all of the excitement and turned ‘must see TV’ into ‘we’re never watching that show again.’ In a desperate attempt to save Dr. Girlfriend’s favorite show, I started writing something that I hoped I could convince the folks over at Carnival Films and Masterpiece to put into production for Season 4, but it was not to be. Still, I did write the thing up, so I thought I’d share with you my opening scene for the first episode of Season 4 that would begin the process of undoing the horrors of Season 3 and the Christmas special. Read the rest of this entry

Downton Abbey: Help me, Professor McGonagall, you’re my only hope!


A legitimate request, I feel.

I get the feeling that Thomas is supposed to be the sort of character you love to hate, but once you lock a dog in a shed and leave em there for dead, we’re done.

Downton Abbey Season Two (quick TV Review)

downton-abbeyWhew, they sure upped the drama with Season Two, didn’t they?  I guess a World War will do that.
When I briefly talked about Season One, I mentioned plot points that were telegraphed by a mile, and this season had that in spades.  Did anyone really think Thomas wouldn’t wind up working back at the house by the end of the season?  That Matthew would never walk again?  That Matthew would marry Lavinia?  That once Lavinia became ill, that she would live?  And so on.  And I haven’t seen any of season three yet, but jeez, stop picking on Bates, Downton writers!  Still, it’s a good show, and I maintain that the theme sounds a lot like the theme to The X-Files. Or maybe it’s just that they’re both in the same key and follow a similar chord structure.

I’m only seeing Season One of Downton Abbey on Netflix Instant, so I guess we’re out of luck for now.

Downton Abbey Season One (quick TV Review)

downton-abbeyI’m sure that Downton Abbey is one of those shows that everyone has already said about everything that could be uttered, but I just wanted to drop a few lines.  I love its epic reach in terms of both its stunning camera and location visuals and its large ensemble of awesome actors, but some story points either left me flat or were telegraphed by a mile, and I wasn’t a big fan of the mustache twirling maid and footman villains.  Still, I recommend it just so you can keep up with the Joneses, if nothing else, but really, anyone who is a fan of film making and performance will like this show even if they don’t necessarily dig everything about it.  That might sound like I don’t like the plot of the show, because I do, but I have a hard time articulating about season One, and I can’t help comparing it to the less ambitious Upstairs/Downstairs, right down to the radical chauffeur.  Downton Abbey is available on Netflix Instant.

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