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Dial M for Murder (a "Better Know Your Hitchcock!" movie review)

I briefly referenced Dial M for Murder when I talked about the remake of this film, A Perfect Murder, way back when. But now, it’s time for the real thing! Today on Better Know Your Hitchcock, take out your phone and hit the 6 button until your victim meets their grisly end! Or keep reading… either way. Read the rest of this entry

A Perfect Murder movie review

Yep, I’m digging into the archives and taking a look at 1998’s A Perfect Murder, which is a remake of Dial M for Murder, which is an adaptation of the play of the same name.

I’m just going to assume you’ve already seen this movie, so I’m not going to hold any details back – so if you read on, I’m not only going to ruin A Perfect Murder for you (well, probably not anymore than the trailer already does), but also Dial M for Murder.

spoiler alert

Read the rest of this entry

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