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Cosmo gets you the ass you deserve, but not the ass you need right now (?)


Wow, Cosmo – your ability to keep raising your own bar is beyond impressive.  Keep on keepin’ on!

52 Sex Tips from Cosmo to help ladies thrill men

I’m not a magazine reader, but sometimes, when you’re alone at the grocery store, it’s only natural to read dumb shit on magazine covers.  My favorites are the tried and true “please your man in bed” and what not sex tips for ladies – could there be a bigger oxymoron?  This particular cover, which heralds both “52 Sex Tips:  Calling all bedrooms badasses!  Wow your man with these moves inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey.” and “Turn him on from across the room,” not to mention a generous helping of cleavage (which I assume every heterosexual woman loves) is my current champion.

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