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check out the new Will Reading movie trailer (Critics)

As the calendar continues to inch closer to the World Premiere of Will Reading (COUGH, June 21st, get your FREE TICKETS HERE, COUGH), here’s the third trailer.  This one features critic’s comments on the movie.  That’s fun, right?  Like a TV spot for a real movie!

The FP movie review

There are hardly any movies like The FP and there are basically no trailers that play like this one, either.  I usually talk about trailers in a separate context, but in this case, I have to point out that I completely missed the point the first time I saw the trailer, by which I mean I got this movie’s genre wrong.  You know how Tommy Wiseau retroactively says The Room is  a comedy and not a drama?  This movie is actually a comedy that is played (and shot) as a straight up drama and it works perfectly.  Additional praise to follow.  Read the rest of this entry

Welcome to Me movie review

Kristen Wiig stars in Welcome to Me, a movie that can’t quite decide if it’s a comedy, a drama or both.   While I wouldn’t hit this flick with the dramedy tag, I can’t say it’s a bad movie, either, despite the discrepancy.  It’s not great – but it probably should have been. Read the rest of this entry

MOVIE TRAILER MANIA! Return to Sender, Barely Lethal, Trainwreck, Accidental Love, Youth

Today’s movie trailer mania has some melodrama, comedy, legitimate film.   Let’s have at it!

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The 15 Best Comedies of the 1980s

If you grew up during the 1980s (or were simply alive) and you watched movies, you know that nobody makes comedies like that anymore.  I guess the threat of total nuclear annihilation is a good incentive to leave it all out on the field, because back then, people would commit!  As such, here today I humbly present to you my own picks for the 10 Best Comedies of the 1980s in no particular order.

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Pitch Perfect (movie review)

I believe it’s accurate to say that Pitch Perfect is universally liked, if not loved.  81% of reviewers and a 83% of the audience gave it a positive review (Rotten Tomatoes), so that’s at the very least a consensus that people on earth like this movie… and I have no idea why.   Read the rest of this entry

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