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Saturday Cat Blog April 17, 2015



“Cats up dogs down while you MoFus bounce to this.”

Yeah, so, for some reason, I am of the opinion that the cats are always posing for early to mid nineties rap album covers.   I INSIST MY CATS ARE ALL THUGS 4 LIFE! Reference material after the jump…  Read the rest of this entry

Saturday Cat Blog 4/4/15


The kitties got a new kitty tower and they love it!  Now they don’t have to cram into the top level quite so much.  It’s good kitty times all around.

Wu-Tang Cat: Enter the Wu-Cat (Saturday Cat Blog)


I don’t know why I keep referring to this photo as “enter the Wu-Cat,” because it looks NOTHING like the cover photo of Enter the Wu-Tang:  36 Chambers.  I guess it’s the expression on their faces, the way Pewter’s head (left) is cocked and the indignant stare of Copper (right) – off to the side, disinterested in the camera.  Anyway, “Wu-Tang Cat ain’t nothing to funk with!”

Cat Blog 3/19/15

sleepy kitties

Photo by Dr. MyFiancee

Look how sleepy the kitties are!  Loooooooooooooook!  Read the rest of this entry

Cat Blog 1/11/15


These shots of both the cats on the top of the tower together never get old. On this particular morning, the sun was in the right place, there was no clouds and the fresh snow on the ground was a nice change, too. My boys look good!

Saturday cat blog 12 6 14


Yes, I know. It’s another picture of the cats on their tower. I’m abusing this. I’m sorry. It’s just too cute. I love that they share the space. I have fallen under their spell.

Saturday Cat Blog (11/15/14)

cats-on-the-towerThe cats are really into the tower, especially after Dr. Girlfriend moved it to a window that looks out onto the roof.  I think they’re entranced by birds who take a rest there – that wasn’t going on at the previous spot.  They’ll both snuggle up onto the top perch and just stare for hours, no matter how cramped the conditions are.  This also leads to some impromptu cleanings of one by the other.  You’d think they’d take advantage of the next level down, but I’ve NEVER seen one on the top and one on the middle level.  It’s just not done.

Cat Blog (10/20/14)


The cats were gonna do a ying yang thing for this photo, but they were all, “F— that shiz.”
Cats are lazy.

Sunday Cat Blog


Somehow, I feel like a cat being upside down on the dog bed is just inspiring the dogs to riot.

Sunday Cat Blog 9/14/14


Now the cats are taking over the dog beds, too. No fear, yo

Sunday Cat Blog 9/7/14


The cats are all, “We took your bed, fool! Enjoy the dander!”

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