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The Crush movie review


“Well, look at the time. I’m afraid I’m going to have to be moving along. To another place to live. In… Yemen. I’m going to Yemen. Like Chandler in Friends.  I’ll still be there for you, though – but from Yemen.”

The Crush is one of those horror/suspense comedies where you yell at the protagonist, blissfully unaware that Cary Elwes is portraying a fictional character that can’t hear your through time and space.  And I love every minute of it. Read the rest of this entry

Bram Stoker’s Dracula movie review

I love the highly stylized drama that is Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  The amazing performances and directing keep bringing me back to this movie even 20 years later.  So… yeah.  I like this movie.  Read the rest of this entry

Samuel Adams Fat Jack Double Pumpkin Ale review

Samuel-Adams-Fat-Jack-Double-Pumpkin-AleI’ve been duped again.  Why do I keep letting this happen?

Samuel Adams Fat Jack Double Pumpkin Ale is yet another pumpkin beer that promises pumpkin taste and doesn’t deliver.  This is nothing new, but I feel a bit more swindled this time because of the very name of the beer.  Calling your beer “Double Pumpkin” implies to me that this will taste even more like pumpkin than most pumpkin beers.  Yet, I can detect no pumpkin taste at all!  Let me bring in David Lookner again:   Read the rest of this entry

David Lookner from Seinfeld reviews Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Uinta-Crooked-Line-Oak-Jacked-Imperial-Pumpkin-aleOne of my favorite episodes of Seinfeld has always been “The Wait Out.”  The episode features guest appearances from Cary Elwes and Debra Messing and features a slightly darker sense of humor for which the show was generally known.  Specifically, Jerry and Elaine are both elated that George may have broken up a marriage that comprised partners they’d both like to have for themselves.  Messing’s character mentions that she’s become annoyed with her husband’s eccentricities – for example, he asks questions that he immediately answers.

Observe how easily this transitions into a review of Uinta Crooked Line Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Ale!   Read the rest of this entry

Saw review

A QUICK Review!  I found a bunch of old movie reviews that I never got around to publishing – they’re old, they’re short, but they get the job done!

Saw (2004)

A movie about a killer who doesn’t actually do any killing but forces his victims to carry out the deed on their own sounds intriguing, but it’s not.  This should be a simple movie with a villain whose motivation is clear, but it’s not.  Cary Elwes and Danny Glover are in this movie, so it should be decent, BUT IT’S NOT.  If you love horror movies, give it a look, but everyone else should steer clear.  Saw is the worst title for a movie ever – as soon as you see the trailer, you know exactly how the movie is going to end.

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The Princess Bride movie review

stars-four-halfA QUICK Review!  I found a bunch of old movie reviews that I never got around to publishing – they’re old, they’re short, but they get the job done!

The Princess Bride (1987)

This is the first flick I’d guess most people saw starring Cary Elwes, and it might be hist best movie.  (Nevertheless, anything he does gets my seal of approval – check out The Pentagon Wars…  not so much Saw.) He carries a film like a champ. Co-staring the beautiful Robin Wright Penn as Buttercup and narrated by Peter Falk as the grandfather and Fred Savage as the grandson, this movie has been delighting both young and old for years. I could go on and on and sing the praises of the cast, the directing and the Fire Swamp and it’s three terrors, but do yourself a favor and see this movie for yourself.  It has something for everybody – that’s why you’ll see this flick rebroadcast on every cable channel from comedy central to women’s entertainment. Anyway, the TV Guide one sentence summary would probably go something like, “Buttercup has decided to marry the prince after her true love’s death only to be kidnapped twice before she can be wed.

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