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Better Watch Saul!

I think its fair to say that Better Call Saul is exceeding my expectations.  I don’t know what I expected… I guess I didn’t think it’d be as good as breaking bad.  I thought it’d take a while for them to find their way… It is and it didn’t.  The BCS team is killing it right now and they’re making it look easy. Here’s some of my favorite points and scenes from the show so far.  Read the rest of this entry

Dumbledore Breaks Bad


Robot Chicken is one of my favorite shows and their Harry Potter/Breaking Bad parody combo makes it easy to see why.

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Pinkman and the Brain (Breaking Bad)

There are a lot of Breaking Bad t-shirts, hoodies, posters and who knows what else out there for sale, but this is my favorite. The folks at RedBubble seem to be the mad geniuses behind the Pinkman and the Brain line of Breaking Bad merchandise and it just sets my imagination afire. Read the rest of this entry

Marie from Breaking Bad dresses like The Joker


If you watch Breaking Bad, then you know that Marie’s favorite color is purple.  She’s always dressed in purple and everything at Hank and Marie’s house is purple.  Purple rug, purple pillows, purple striped chair, her shopping bags are purple, her effing tea kettle is purple… it never ends.  Maybe the ending of the show should have been Marie pulling the strings because she’s the Breaking Bad universe’s version of The Joker.  Nobody would have seen that coming!

Breaking Bad, Season 5 (tv review)

“Say my name.”

I’ve finally caught up to the rest of the universe and finished all five seasons of Breaking Bad. It was a fascinating journey and I think most agree that it’s easily in the top five of best dramas ever on television. The last season, however, was the most unique of the series, and I’m going to dive into it a bit deeper. Read the rest of this entry

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