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i’m a bad ass MoFo

last night, we were enjoying a quiet evening of television and taco bell in our pajamas.  when we heard some rustling at the door, i went into protect mode.  i looked through the peep hole and distinguished the top of someone’s head, but not much more.  I headed to the kitchen and began rustling through the drawers for two knives.  Rats!  I only found a  corkscrew!

By this time, my girlfriend had already opened the door and admitted her oldest sibling, who had been given the impression by their mother that we were out of town and he needed to feed the parrot.  We had a good laugh and I didn’t have to stab anyone, so I call that a good day.  Hooray!

The lesson here is that if I suspect you’re going to harm my woman, you’re in for a stabbing.  You can learn something new about yourself every day!  I am going to try integrating talking the perpetrator into surrender.  Sounds like a better plan!

This doesn’t read as funny as it occurred.  Just to be clear, I never brandished a knife!

But don’t push me!  =)

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