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Movie Trailers: When Voice Over Goes Wrong (Aloha movie trailer)

There are lots of ways to market movies: you got your print media in the form of billboards, wrapped buses, posters and whatnot, but for me, it’s all about the trailer.  This is an art form unto itself, and it’s not easy.  Here, we have two different movie trailers for Bradley Cooper’s new jam, Aloha.  The thirty second spot features voice over while the two-minute plus version does not, and it makes a world of difference.  Read the rest of this entry

Guardians of the Galaxy (movie review)

We saw Guardians of the Galaxy this past Sunday with a full house at 10:50 AM. The movie is filled with murder, violence, profanity, betrayal, torture, sadness, jokes, pop songs from the 1970s, abduction, deaths of innocents, more murder, more violence… and it’s probably the most fun you’ll have at the movies this year.

“And there’s your blurb,” as Christy Lemire would say.

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3 Points on American Hustle (movie review)

We finally got around to seeing American Hustle and it’s fair to say that the build up to watching the picture might have pulled some of the luster off the surface. Nevertheless, I certainly understand why everyone enjoyed it so much but I can also see what people mean when they say it’s two hours of people yelling at each other. Here are three points on American Hustle for both sides of the argument. Read the rest of this entry

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