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Rodenbach Grand Cru Beer & Two Stars Straight Bourbon reviews



Currently damaging my liver:  beer that sorta tastes like wine BUT IS NOT BARLEY WINE and Buffalo Trace’s little brother.   Are they any good?  Join me after the jump! Read the rest of this entry

The Search for Vanilla Beer

imageAs I mentioned in the last beer related post, I’ve been searching for a replacement for Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale since it disappeared from the market. I tried two vanilla beers during my last visit to Total Wine, but they were porters ( Breckenridge Brewery’s Vanilla Porter and Leinenhugel’s Snowdrift Vanilla Porter) and just didn’t give me the taste I wanted.  I still need a vanilla ale in my life and the quest continues!

Read the rest of this entry

Yard of ale? Boot of beer?


It’s not enough to drink beer – you have to make a game of it. It’s required, apparently.  I’ve seen people play beer pong and quarters, but there’s another level to this drinking games phenomenon. Read the rest of this entry

Samuel Adams Fat Jack Double Pumpkin Ale review

Samuel-Adams-Fat-Jack-Double-Pumpkin-AleI’ve been duped again.  Why do I keep letting this happen?

Samuel Adams Fat Jack Double Pumpkin Ale is yet another pumpkin beer that promises pumpkin taste and doesn’t deliver.  This is nothing new, but I feel a bit more swindled this time because of the very name of the beer.  Calling your beer “Double Pumpkin” implies to me that this will taste even more like pumpkin than most pumpkin beers.  Yet, I can detect no pumpkin taste at all!  Let me bring in David Lookner again:   Read the rest of this entry

David Lookner from Seinfeld reviews Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Uinta-Crooked-Line-Oak-Jacked-Imperial-Pumpkin-aleOne of my favorite episodes of Seinfeld has always been “The Wait Out.”  The episode features guest appearances from Cary Elwes and Debra Messing and features a slightly darker sense of humor for which the show was generally known.  Specifically, Jerry and Elaine are both elated that George may have broken up a marriage that comprised partners they’d both like to have for themselves.  Messing’s character mentions that she’s become annoyed with her husband’s eccentricities – for example, he asks questions that he immediately answers.

Observe how easily this transitions into a review of Uinta Crooked Line Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Ale!   Read the rest of this entry

Pumpkin Beer Tasting 2014

pumpkin-beer-tastingWe got the gang together and tried over a dozen pumpkin beers.  It was a battle to the finish, but there were clear winners.   Read the rest of this entry

Drinking with the (Pum)king tonight

southern tier imperial pumking pumpkin beer

This counts as not drinking alone. Read the rest of this entry

Game of Thrones beer from Ommegang Brewery tastes, you know, fine

ommegang game of thrones ale beer

Ommegang is my favorite brewery and I’ve become a fan of Game of Thrones over the last few months, but I don’t have much to say about the union of these two franchises. Read the rest of this entry

Hofbrau beer packaging is the least likely anomaly of all time


Much to my surprise, the Hofbrau beer packaging included the only cleavage I could find in the beer aisle. You’d think it would be a veritable waste land of scantily clad women, but not so.
Wonders will never cease!
(Forgot to check if their tag line was “Drink till she looks like this.”)

Get DRUNK on holiday cheer!


I know, your mind has been blown.  Mine has too.  Officially licensed Monty Python products… and it’s the Holy Grail.   This gift set includes both Holy Ail and the a Holy Grail Chalice to drink it from!  That is indeed a mighty present.

But the fun doesn’t stop there!


We all know that Chanukah is the festival lights, and now, as the box suggests, we can all get lit!

What a joyous time of year!


Watermelon Wheat Beer by Horny Goat Brewing Company


The good people at the Horny Goat Brewing Company bring us this fine Watermelon Wheat Beer, which is the second one I’ve tried, and I think I prefer this one.  Maybe the goats are influencing me, maunder it’s the presence of real watermelon juice…  I’m not sure which, but I will say that if you like both watermelon and wheat beer, you need to give this a try.

Beer Diet?


A few months ago, my 32 inch waist pants were getting pretty snug and stuffing myself into them was becoming a struggle.  In early May, this issue went away.  What happened? Read the rest of this entry

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