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The guitar line from “Angel” sound identical to the one from “The Joker”

To my ears, the guitar line from “Angel” by Shaggy featuring Rayvon sounds like the guitar line from Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker.”  And yet, it’s not a sample – at least, it doesn’t sound like a sample.  For some reason, I find sampling to be a legitimate idea, but when you take someone else’s music and reproduce it without it being obvious… this gives me pause. Read the rest of this entry

X-Men: The Last Stand aka X-men 3 (movie review)

I guess you could say that X-Men: The Last Stand is a case of “More X-Men, more problems.” Or, in some cases, less X-Men, more problems…

This is a pure spoiler discussion here – the movie is seven years old, after all. Read the rest of this entry

Is that a Christmas tree under your dress, or are you just happy to see me?


Nope, she’s not happy to see me – it is a Christmas tree.  My favorite thing about this is she’s not aware of the tree and Christmas presents.  (Or the birds that are decorating it, for that matter.)  She’s too busy reading a magazine.
That is awesome.

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