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Big Apple Film Festival Shorts Block 11 movie review


Dr. Girlfriend and I were very happy to attend a night at the Big Apple Film Festival.  We sat in on Shorts Block 11, which, as the name suggests, was a bunch of short films. A lot of the films had concepts in common, such as imaginary friends, fantasy elements or artists struggling to create, which was presumably done intentionally when the organizers set this up. Read the rest of this entry

Greg’s Guardian Angel [review]

gregs-guardian-angelGreg’s Guardian Angel is the newest joint venture from All Things Random Productions and Phalanx Film/Video Productions.  (If you’re not familiar with these guys, check out these posts.)  This comedic short pushes all the right buttons and does things that we haven’t seen before from this team, even if they have dabbled in religion before.

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Overcrowded [tv review]


My Score: 80%

Overcrowded was a sitcom that never got picked up by any network.  The pilot episode is as far as it got and is the only project I’ve ever seen by All Things Random Productions, but after watching this, I’d like to see more.

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