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Adobe Premiere Sequence Video Glitch Solved

While editing my movie Will Reading (also checkout the Official Site), I’ve come across the weirdest glitch.  Distortion in the form of lines would appear and last for a frame or two.  They usually occurred near edits, but not always.  Observe:


Sometimes they would appear as lines of color (as seen above) and sometimes they would appear as bits of video from other shots – sometimes from clips that aren’t even in the same sequence!  It’s very strange and I could find no help online.   (Of course, it’s hard to find help online when you don’t know what to search for and now I realize I should have posted screen grabs on forums and asked for help rather than searching.)

So, after some thought, I came up with three different possible solutions: Read the rest of this entry

Scenes from the Boulder and Denver Areas

We didn’t spend a lot of time in the Denver and Boulder areas, and the weather wasn’t favorable, but I filmed what I could.  If you’ve never been out there and have the chance, I highly recommend it – this video just scratches the surface!

This was filmed using a Samsung Infuse 4G and edited initially in Videomaker for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet and finished with Adobe Premiere CS 5.5.  (If you ever use videomaker, be sure all of your files are saved to the internal flash drive and are not saved on an external card – trust me.)  The logo was created in Adobe Photoshop. The song “Cajun Burrow” is by Ramon and Jessica and can be found on their first album, which is self titled. Check them out at

Laguardia Airport vs Charlotte Douglas International Airport

I’ve been to both Laguardia Airport and Charlotte Douglas International Airport in the last week and they both made strong impressions.  Guess which was better?

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Konny on Kony 2012 [Video]

My Siberian Husky posts a response video to all of the Kony 2012 videos.  Konny is very talkative and opinionated, so it’s only natural that he’d have an opinion on the Kony 2012 thing.


I filmed this video with my phone (Samsung Infuse 4G) and added the titles with Adobe Premiere CS 5.5.

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